01Case Study: From Startup to Inc. 500 and Beyond

When Cinium Financial connected with SUCCESS agency, they were a startup with a remarkable product ready to change an industry.

As a financial services company, Cinium set out to change the way surety bonds are purchased. Instead of underwriting based on credit score alone, a process leaving many businesses unable to get the surety bond they need to run their business, Cinium set out to serve companies who find it hard to get a surety bond by underwriting the integrity of the business, not just a credit score.

SUCCESS agency has served Cinium as their digital marketing partner, helping to increase their revenue as they’ve gone from a startup to landing a spot on the Inc. 500 multiple years running.

Having the right people in the right position is a key to growing a successful company like Cinium. Partnering with SUCCESS agency for our digital marketing has given us an agency we can trust to move us forward and always have our best interest at heart. Rather than requiring us to manage them, they manage themselves, valuing our team’s input and providing updates along the way.

- Jeff Camp, CEO, Cinium Financial

Partnering for Success

Cinium found SUCCESS agency online and, after a few phone calls and an initial plan, decided to engage us for the development of their first website. Little did anyone know that this would be the beginning of a long-standing partnership where we do what our mission says we do, partner with our clients to help them be more successful in both the short and long term.

Our goal in working with clients is to be looked at, not as a vendor, but a partner focused on their success. Cinium is led by extremely competent and experienced executives who know how to build a successful company. We’re very happy that we’ve been able to partner with Cinium from the beginning and play an important role in their continued success.

Ways We’ve Served Cinium Financial

  • We built a custom website for Cinium to provide both a professional image and a lead-generation tool.
  • Development of the Corporate Identity
  • Though Search Engine Optimization we’ve helped increase their organic search traffic and leads. After initiating an organic SEO campaign, Cinium increased organic search traffic by 265% within 6 months.
  • We took the lead in planning, executing, and managing an Inbound Marketing strategy, using HubSpot’s software as a platform.
  • Custom proprietary application creation to manage business process, increase efficiency, and reduce delivery times.

Is Your Company Next?

SUCESS agency exists to help our investors (our term for “clients”) be more successful by increasing their revenue, profit, or both. We do this by building world-class websites and turning them into lead-generating revenue machines.

Do you have a project in mind or are simply looking for guidance on how you can increase your success online? Schedule a free consultation with us to see how SUCCESS agency can help you be more successful.