From Instagram Star to eCommerce Star

Long-time fitness expert, Johannes Bartl, already boasted an Instagram following of nearly two million when he came to us in March of 2018.

While he had the social media part sorted out, he wanted to build a high-end website that would represent his brand, Body by Bartl. He wanted a site where his fans could subscribe to access his premium content (like video workouts and other training content) and buy his products (like apparel and supplements).

And here’s the other thing: When it comes to eCommerce sites, everything has to work flawlessly from the get-go. This was even more important given the fact that Johannes had such a large Instagram following that he would be promoting the site to.

So these were the three main challenges with Johannes’ case:

  1. Building a high-end website that properly represented his brand
  2. Creating a platform where people could easily purchase his content and products
  3. Building a site that would work flawlessly from the second it went live

And that’s where we came in. We helped Johannes with all of that.

Here’s a brief overview of the step-by-step process that we took to get there:

1. Consultation Process

First, we had a series of calls with Johannes to discuss what kind of website he was interested in building. He said that he ultimately chose to work with us because in the consultation calls, we didn’t just listen to what he had to say and then provide him with a quote, like many other people had done.

Instead, we asked many thoughtful questions to help us not only gain a better understanding of his brand, but also gain insight into how we could actually help him grow his online store and what he might need months down the road in order to be able to do that.

Because for all of our clients, including Johannes, our end goal isn’t just to build websites. It’s to build websites that will actually help our clients grow their businesses.

And because we took that extra time to really get to know Johannes’ business and find out what he was looking to do, we were able to save time and dive into the project head-first as soon as he hired us.

2. Blueprint Phase

After Johannes signed on to work with us, we went through different websites together to find out what type of look and feel he was going for.

From there, we crafted a blueprint, which documented how the website would look, feel and be organized.

3. Wireframe

Then, we put together a wireframe, which was like a visual blueprint showing the page layout and what would go where.

4. Design

Next came design, which we kept sleek and sophisticated, in line with the Body by Bartl brand.

5. Development

After the design came the development stage.

With many other web development agencies, the final result often doesn’t exactly match the original design. But not with us. When it comes to development, we develop “pixel-perfect.” In other words, what you see in the design stage is what you get in the final result. And Johannes’ case was no different.

We also designed and developed with a “mobile first” process to ensure that users could find what they needed and purchase easily from their mobile devices. With 90%+ of traffic coming to the Body by Bartl site from mobile, it’s a good idea that we did.

Bottom Line

By developing a comprehensive understanding of the Body by Bartl brand and what Johannes wanted to accomplish, we were able to build a website within six weeks’ time that:

  1. Has a high-end look and feel that represents the Body by Bartl brand
  2. Is a place where people can easily purchase Johannes’ content and products
  3. Worked flawlessly from the get-go
  4. Is mobile-friendly

And that’s only the beginning. Now, we’re in the process of building a full subscription website for Johannes. We’ll share updates when they’re ready.

Is Your Company Next?

We exist to help our investors (our term for “clients”) be more successful by increasing their revenue, profit, or both. We do this by building world-class websites and turning them into lead-generating revenue machines.

Do you have a project in mind or are simply looking for guidance on how you can increase your success online? Schedule a free consultation with us to see how we can help you be more successful.

case image
Wireframe (Stage 3)
case image
The final design of the Body by Bartl homepage (Stage 4/5)
case image
The final design of the Body by Bartl homepage (Stage 4/5)
case image
The final design of the Body by Bartl homepage (Stage 4/5)
case image
The final design of the Body by Bartl homepage viewed on mobile (Stage 4/5)
case image
The final design of the Body by Bartl homepage viewed on mobile (Stage 4/5)
case image
The final design of the Body by Bartl homepage viewed on mobile (Stage 4/5)