The Ideal Success Agency Team Player

We assume that you’ve stumbled upon this page because you’re interested in becoming a part of our industrious, high-performance team. Are we right?

Let us start by saying that the people who make up our team are our foundation. Each team member plays a valuable role in our agency’s success, and without a cohesive team that works well together, our agency would fall apart. For that reason, recruiting is something that we take very seriously.

Our hope is that, after reading this page, you will know—one way or the other—whether or not you would be a good fit for our team.

So…let’s get started.

We’re a Team—Not a Family

Many companies today refer to themselves as “families.” Not us. Here’s why we are a team, not a family.

Firstly, your true family should come first—not the people you work with. While team members of our agency do develop strong relationships with one another, our most important relationships are outside of the agency.

Secondly, family members don’t come and go based on performance. On a higher-performance team like ours, however, a team member who is not performing highly will be asked to leave the team.

Attributes of the Ideal Team Player

So what kinds of attributes make up our ideal team player? Let us tell you.

The type of person who is a good fit for SUCCESS agency…

1. Demonstrates Intentional and Aggressive Growth

One of our core values at SUCCESS agency is always growing. To that end, we expect team members to be always learning and seeking to improve themselves—not just professionally, but personally, as well.

If you are someone that loves to read, listen to podcasts or just soak up knowledge on an everyday basis, then you embody one of the characteristics that is so important to us. On the other hand, if you’re set in your ways and feel like you have already grown as much as you possibly can, then you are not going to thrive at our agency.

2. Learns and Understands the Big Picture

Another core value of ours is remarkable ROI. At the end of the day, that’s what it’s about. The ideal SUCCESS agency team player understands that. They understand why we are doing what we are doing and pay attention not just to the minute details, but to the bigger picture, as well.

With content creation for instance, it’s not just about writing and posting blog posts or sending out emails. It’s important to reflect, brainstorm and strategize. Think about how that content fits into the bigger picture. How is it affecting ROI? What kinds of results are you seeing?

3. Takes Ownership

Our ideal team player will also take initiative. They won’t just do what they are told. They will always be looking ahead and searching for ways in which they can help out a team member or grow the agency in some shape or form.

Another one of our core values at SUCCESS agency is always serving. By that, we aren’t just referring to serving our clients (although that is a very important part of it); we are also referring to serving the team. Our team members all strive to be servant-leaders. This means that even if something doesn’t fall under your job description, if you are able to, you help out anyway.

4. Has a High EQ (Emotional Intelligence)

Working with clients, it’s important to have a decent level of emotional intelligence or what we call “EQ.”

You must understand how people are feeling and be able to interact on a personal level. Let’s put it this way: If you have an idea of what the client might be thinking or how they will react to something, you will also have a good idea of whether or not you are providing them with what they need in the end. And you will be able to follow through with another one of our core values: remarkable client experiences.

5. Likes to Keep Score

We’ll admit. We like to measure success. And our ideal candidate is the same way. They will regularly choose and set KPIs for everything they are working on—and then keep track of them. They will set SMART goals for themselves—and then do their best to achieve those goals.

You’re not going to achieve every goal that you set. That’s just the reality. But we’re looking for someone who is always working towards something and looking for ways to improve. Someone who is able to take critical feedback and learn from their mistakes.

6. Is All in for Now

On sports teams, many players switch teams throughout their careers. But when on a team, they are (or should be) fully committed to that team, giving it their all.

You aren’t expected to be with SUCCESS agency for life (although that would be great if you were), but when on our team, you’re expected to be all in. Maybe you have ambitions of starting your own business on the side (that’s great and we encourage that). Or perhaps you see SUCCESS agency as a stepping-stone to something else, and that’s fine too. But when you are on the job, you must be 100% in, free from other distractions.

7. Maintains a Healthy Personal Life

We all have areas of our personal lives that are out of our control and could improve. But if you aren’t intentional about maintaining a healthy and balanced personal life, your professional life may just crash and burn. Not to mention—you probably won’t be very happy.

We’re not looking for workaholics who work around the clock or individuals who invest 100% of their time and energy into work. We’re looking for well-rounded individuals who have balanced lives and make their personal lives a priority.

Bottom line? We want all of our team members to have successful lives, not just successful careers.

8. Is Careful

One of our core values is remarkable excellence. By this, we mean that everything submitted to the client must be of the highest possible quality. Anything less than optimal is simply unacceptable.

We would rather our team members take a bit longer to complete something that’s error-free and of the highest quality, than race through something at lightening speed and sacrifice quality. All team members are expected to complete their work with what we call a “self-filter” or in other words, always act as if they are the last person to review the material.

9. Has Personal Productivity & Awareness

Working for a remote agency like ours, you won’t have anybody micromanaging you or standing over your shoulder making sure that you are getting things done. It’s up to you to make the most of your time and be productive.

You therefore must be able to work autonomously and self-manage yourself and your time well. Prioritize and keep your eye on the ball, so that you are able to deliver remarkable ROI, remarkable excellence and remarkable client experiences to our clients.

10. Boasts Good Communication Skills

Another skill that is crucial for remote workers is being able to communicate effectively. Keeping fellow team members well informed of what you’re working on and what you need from them and when, is necessary to timely and successful collaboration. It’s also important that you state your needs and questions upfront and don’t make presumptions.

11. Has a Positive Attitude

Do you see challenges as opportunities? Do you look for the silver lining in every situation? Are you someone that would rather praise than complain? Encourage instead of discourage?

If so, then your attitude would fit in very well with our team.

12. Roots for Investor and Agency Success

We understand that you may not be super passionate about marketing or some of the things you work on at SUCCESS agency. What’s important is that you understand the importance of success to our team. In a nutshell, this is what success means to us:

In addition to always serving and always growing, we aim to be always improving process. We are constantly looking for areas that we can improve upon and how we can make things more efficient. And we would expect you to do the same.

Internally, we all refer to our clients as “investors.” Why? Because our clients are investing their resources in us in the same way that an investor invests in a company. And we aim to deliver all of our investors not just a return on their investment—but a remarkable return on their investment.

Finally, we exist for one reason and one reason only: to help positive-impacting companies reach their growth and profit goals.

So…do you think you can root for our team?

There Is No Perfect Candidate

With all that being said, we aren’t looking for the perfect person (we swear!). We are looking for the ideal fit for our company. While the attributes above describe our ideal team player, we’re the first to recognize that no one is perfect, and even the ideal team player will be continually growing in all of these areas.

What we care about is that you are willing to grow and take responsibility for things that go wrong.

Ideal Players Will Thrive

The team players who possess (or at least try to possess) these attributes are likely to thrive inside of our company. Others will likely be unhappy.

But remember—even if you aren’t a great fit for our team, that doesn’t mean that you won’t be the perfect fit for another team. There are many athletes out there who perform horribly on one team, only to switch to another team and score many home runs.

But if, after reading this, you think you have what it takes to score on our team…go on, and tell us what you’ve got.

And who knows, maybe we’ll see you out on that playing field!