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11 Steps to a Lead-Generating Email Campaign

Learn how to create an email campaign that converts.

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3 Reasons Your Email Open Rates Are So Low

A well-executed email marketing campaign can be a big-time money-maker. So why are your open rates so low? Learn how to increase your open rates in this post.

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6 Types of Transactional Emails eCommerce Sites Must Know

We look at six different types of transactional emails that eCommerce sites must know and should be using on a daily basis to retain more customers.

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Litmus: Email Marketing Metrics for Big Brands

Email marketing is not simply aesthetically pleasing emails, captivating headlines and pleasing content. Learn how Litmus makes email marketing better.

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How to Get Customers to Open Your Emails

If email marketing is part of your businesses gameplan than getting customers to open your email is essential. Email marketing asks that the end-recipient takes action, and this action could mean clicking through to your website or giving you a sale. To help you boost your email open rates we have provided the following advice. […]

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Creating a Successful Email Newsletter in 3 Easy Steps

Getting people to subscribe to your newsletter is only half the battle. The real war begins in the battle to keep them from hitting the dreaded unsubscribe button. Moreover, you don’t want to find your newsletter – or your brand – to become a nuisance in someone’s inbox. Here’s how to avoid both: Make their […]

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