How This Clothing Brand Uses Humor to Win Over its Audience

How often do you check your phone only to see some annoying push notification from a brand encouraging you to go play around on its app or check out its latest product?

And how would you feel if, instead, you checked your phone and were greeted with a friendly notification from a brand—with no ulterior motive whatsoever? Better yet, one that seemed like a message from a good friend and made you laugh?

I’m guessing you would prefer the latter.

And that’s exactly what the men’s short shorts brand, Chubbies, does. Instead of sending push notifications that revolve around their products, Chubbies sends its users pithy, humorous messages that are completely unrelated to what the brand sells. The sole intent of the push notifications is to delight the recipients.

And guess what? Chubbies’ strategy has worked. Really well.

How Chubbies Makes People Laugh   

Chubbies’ hilarious, easygoing push notifications have boosted user engagement, conversions, and brand awareness. You see, many of its app users have gotten such a kick out of the notifications that they have screenshot and then shared the photos on social media—letting everyone know how cool Chubbies is.

To give you an idea, here’s a sampling of some of the push notifications that Chubbies has sent:

  • “What’s Forrest Gump’s password? 1forrest1 #dadjokes”
  • “Etslay Artpay” (pig Latin for “Let’s Party”…sent on a Friday of course, this message increased conversions by 20%)
  • “UTAH, GET ME TWO!” (a quote from the movie “Point Break, which increased conversions by 16%)

Now, how can you get one of those messages and not feel just a little bit happier? My thoughts exactly.

Why Chubbies’ Strategy Works

In case you couldn’t tell, Chubbies caters to young, fratty guys.

Its messaging strategy is effective because the brand actually speaks the language of its audience. It talks to its users as if they were fellow frat brothers (or good friends), with humorous, laid-back copy that’s consistent across all platforms.

And, in a refreshing deviation from the norm, Chubbies doesn’t try to sell anything or get anything out of the exchange…except maybe a laugh.

What This Means For Your Brand   

Consumers have become jaded to all of the marketing messages that they are bombarded with on a daily basis.

So stop thinking about how you can promote your product or service and start thinking about how you can actually connect with your audience and provide them with some real value. How can you put a smile on their faces or brighten up their days?

If your brand isn’t known for its humor, that’s okay. Think of other ways you can provide that value. For instance, maybe you could send your customers and leads an inspirational quote or an interesting industry-related fact.

Think of your brand as a person. What’s their personality like? And how would they talk to a friend (ie: your audience)? As you craft your copy, these are things that you’ll want to keep in mind.

Because if you consistently talk to your audience like they are friends, then in time, they will start to see your brand as a friend of theirs too.