41 Web Design Terms That Every Marketer Should Know: Infographic

In this day and age, marketers tend to wear multiple hats. More often than not, one of those hats is “Designer.”

One minute you might be drafting a social media or blog post and the next minute you’ll be chatting with your team’s web designer on how to design an infographic or best redesign your website.

And unless you have some design background, chances are, there have been times when things have gotten a little lost in translation. There might be some words or acronyms that you have heard before but aren’t quite sure what they really mean. And there may be others that just fly over your head entirely. Because let’s be honest: Web design terminology really is like an entirely different language.

To make sure that you’re understanding (and speaking) that language correctly, we’ve created this infographic. Review it, print it out and use it as your cheat sheet the next time you have a chat with your web designer. If you do that, you’ll be speaking fluent web design in no time. 


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