Do’s and Don’ts for Building a Killer Landing Page: Infographic

Assuming that you read one of our latest blog posts, by now, you’re probably pretty familiar with landing page do’s and don’ts.

We wanted to go one step further and create a visual reminder that summed it all up for you—you know, something that you could maybe print out, stick on your bulletin board  and refer to whenever you need to create a landing page and are feeling a bit stuck.

Let’s take a look.


Landing page infographic

Landing page infographic

Wait! Just One Last Thing…

When designing your landing page, keep in mind where your visitors will be coming from and what they will be expecting. If a user reaches your landing page from an email, they are probably already familiar with your brand and will be expecting something a bit different than a user who arrives on your page from a Google search.  So you’ll want to create a tailored landing page for each marketing channel.

Ok, we’re done. Now go on and spruce up that bulletin board of yours!