2015 Marketing Predictions – Social Media Marketing

It’s been another crazy year in the world of social media marketing. Facebook remained strong, Instagram passed Twitter, and Snapchat shocked us all. So what does the wonderful and wacky world of social media have prepared for us in 2015? Here are some of our predictions.

What’s next?

Mobile, mobile, and more mobile. Apps like Vine, Snapchat, and Instagram dominated 2014. Users are spending more time on mobile devices, phones and tablets, and less time on actual computers. Is your company ready for the mobile revolution? It’s coming soon, and it’s coming fast.

How do you prepare?

To get ready for the mobile revolution of 2015 is very simple. But before you get on every possible app and send your message to its users, make sure you know to speak that apps language. For great ways to use the app Vine, check out Lowes’ profile here. They are doing a fantastic job of providing value to its followers and turning them into leads.

After you learn the language of the app, it’s simple. Create exceptional content that is shareable to your audience. Always follow the golden rule of social media marketing content, would you share it if you were the user?

How do you measure?

Measuring how successful your social media marketing campaigns are all depends on what your goals are. Is your goal to increase branding online? Then measure how many retweets, revines, and Facebook shares you’re getting. Is your goal to increase leads into sales? Run a specific campaign on your Facebook page and measure the sales. No matter what your campaign is about, set goals before hand and measure how you hit those goals after the campaign is over.

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