3-Step Guide to a Perfect Social Media Campaign for the Holidays

We recently wrote a post on how to get your website ready for the holiday season. That post was full of great ideas on making your website stand out against your competitors for the online Christmas buyer. Getting your website ready is one thing, but having a great social media campaign to push people to your website is also very important. Here is our 3-step guide to a perfect social media campaign for the holidays.

1. Get Into the Spirit

One of the best things about the holidays is all of the decorations! No matter you go you see Christmas lights, garland, and Christmas trees. Everyone is getting into the spirit of the holidays, so let’s get your company’s social media profiles in the spirit too! Make all of your profile designs holiday themed. This will immediately show your fans that you’re doing something special.

2. Throw a Contest

One of the most important things on a shopper’s minds during the holidays is saving money. By throwing a contest you have the opportunity to not only help them save some money, but also let them have some fun! Throw a contest and giveaway a gift card to your store. Since saving money is a high priority, these contests will be very successful.

3. Give Back

There are many different ways to volunteer during the holiday season. Have your team go serve a meal at your local rescue mission, or maybe donate 5% of all of your sales to your favorite non profit or charity. We recommend charity: water. Showing your fans that you’re not all about sales this holiday season will help your overall brand a lot in the long run, and it also feels great to give back during a time that is usually all about getting.

If you follow these three simple steps you will be able to push more people to your website turning into more sales for your business this holiday season. If you or your company needs any guidance for a social media marketing plan for the holiday season, let us know! We would love to help guide your company in the right direction this holiday season.