Infographic: The Value of Links for Online Marketing & SEO

Earning and obtaining inbound links (another website online mentioning and linking users to YOUR site) is an extremely valuable aspect of online marketing and SEO. Quality inbound links can help you build your site’s authority, boost searching rankings and drive quality referral traffic from your specific target audience!


Infographic-The Value of Links for Online Marketing and SEO

What is an “Inbound Link”?

Inbound links are links (consisting of text that, when clicked, directs the user to a new destination) found elsewhere on the internet that direct users back to your website.

The Value of Inbound Links for SEO

Inbound links from trusted, quality website help to boos your website’s authority and reputation with the search engines (ie. Google & Bing). In fact, according the 2013 Moz Industry Survey of industry professionals, inbound link authority signals are likely the most important and influencer part of Google’s ranking algorithm.

The authority signals resulting from quality inbound links are a primary factor determining search rankings in all major engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and others. By building your site’s authority through quality inbound links, you are able to generate increased visibility in the search results that leads to more traffic, leads and sales from search engine users.

The Value of Inbound Links for Driving Referral Traffic

Not only do inbound links assist SEO efforts, they can also drive quality referral traffic to your website resulting in increased leads and sales. When pursuing inbound link opportunities, the #1 goal should be related to driving referral traffic. A good way to determine if a link is worthwhile involves asking the question “would I want this link if Google did not exist?”. This can also keep you out of trouble when it comes to violating Google’s strict guidelines on link building for SEO.

What Do Good Links Look Like?

  • Relevant Directories- Local business directories and industry related directories can help drive quality referral traffic to your site. Well curated directories can also add to your site’s authority!
  • Online PR- Building connections with journalists in your local market and niche can help you earn high quality mentions and links as an expert in your space. Those earned links can go a long way in boosting your site’s authority and driving quality referral traffic. In addition, it can help shed a positive light on your expertise and your brand.
  • Content Marketing & Publicity- Developing quality content (check that: exceptional content) and promoting that content to influential website owners, bloggers and journalists in your space can help you earn shares, mentions and links that drive awareness, credibility and higher search rankings.