Potato Salad and Online Success

There was a story that was making its way through the interwebs around 1 month ago that caught my eye. “Man raises over $50,000 on Kickstarter campaign to make a potato salad.” Now, I see a lot of articles pop up throughout my day as an Internet marketing professional, but this one caught my eye quickly. My first thought was, “Is this real?” Sure enough, I followed the link and this was a real thing happening. A man named Zach Brown had started a Kickstarter to make a potato salad with a goal of $10, and somehow had raised over $50,000 in less than a month. My next thought was, if this guy can raise $50,000 to make a potato salad, companies should have no problem making money online, right? Here are 3 things we can learn from Zack Brown, AKA Mr. Potato.

Humor Almost Always Works

Adding a little humor to your brand’s online persona can help out a lot. But humor does more than just make people laugh. Humor helps personify your brand. A lot of times, brands speak at a very corporate level that consumers don’t pay attention to because it is over their heads. If you bring your language down to the user’s level, you will have more success communicating with them.

Being Unique is Always a Plus

Kickstarter is a website that helps startups gain momentum with their new product or service through crowdsourcing. It’s not known for little things like making a potato salad, which is why this worked so perfectly. If your brand message is unique on the platform that it is being displayed, there is a great chance for success. For example, if Mr. Brown had put it campaign on a website just about potato salad, there is no way he would have got the attention he ended up getting.

Stay in Touch

Another thing Zack did well was staying in touch with his audience. On his campaign page you will see that he made constant updates on what was happening. We’re making a lot of great progress. I think it’s time for us to think about getting hats made. I added a new donor level for people who want hats” was an update he posted after they reached $3,000. Keeping his page active helped the campaign not die, but keep going strongly.  The same goes for your online profiles. You don’t want to create the profile and leave it at that. Stay in touch with your followers by posting consistently. 


You can learn something from everything. Even a guy like Zack who made $50,000 by creating a Kickstarter with a goal of $10. If you have any questions on how you could create this kind of buzz with your company online let our team at Success Agency know. We would love to help out.

Thanks for reading,

Drew Larison

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