How To Add Value To Your Readers With Content Curation

For a writer, content curation seems like the ultimate scam. How can websites like Buzzfeed and Mashable generate millions in revenue without creating hardly any original content of their own?

The internet has brought us into a new age of creative potential. I can create an article and have it published for worldwide view in a few minutes. I could conceivably produce a video and see it gain 100,000 views on Youtube in under an hour. Anyone in the world with internet access can produce content for everyone else in the world with that same access.

But that’s not all. I don’t just have the capabilities. I have thousands of other creative people perpetually producing creative content, inspiring me to follow their lead and submit my own creative talent before the world’s critique.

What is the result of this phenomenon? Hundreds of thousands of creators. There is so much original content out there it will make your head spin, and this is exactly why curation can become such an important tool for you business.

Why You Want To Be A Tastemaker

A tastemaker is one who influences trends. Becoming a tastemaker is all about trust. People must recognize that you consistently provide content they like.

For a business owner with a blog, your goal is to consistently give readers what they want. You want your readers to know that every time they click-through to your blog, they will be rewarded with fantastic content they enjoy.

If you can do this with original content, that is ideal. Even still, content curation allows you to add additional perspective. Have you ever heard the same speaker over and over and over? He may be the best in the world, but at some point, you are going to want to hear from someone else.

If you really can’t afford a lot of original content, curation allows you to still offer valuable content to your users without the expense of creating it.

And what is the result of successful curation?

Readers begin giving you influence in their decision making process. They begin allowing you to dictate the content that ends up on their screen. An article on local water filth becomes interesting news rather than an obvious ploy by your water filter business to increase revenue.

As a tastemaker, your readers trust you to give them what they want, and at a certain level, you begin dictating what they want. Think of Apple Inc.

How To Curate Content

So what is needed to successfully curate content for your readers?

1. A Ton of Relevant, Entertaining Content

You need heaping portions of entertaining content that is relevant to both your business and your readers. You don’t have to create it, but you do have to find it.

2. Content Curation Software

The easiest way to curate content is to store it as you find it using curation software that will then publish it for you at regular intervals. Click here for a list of software options.

3. Data Analysis

Unfortunately, you could publish great content for a year and see zero results in your revenue. The key is finding exactly what resonates with your readers, and this can only happen through testing and data analysis. Click here for my Crazy Egg article on the best testing software for your website.

4. Consistency

Unlike original content, the goal of curation isn’t to make an impact with any given piece. You aren’t going to win any awards for re-posting other people’s stuff. The goal of curation is to establish consistency with your readers, and this requires steady, unbroken stream of relevant content week in and week out.

Curation is certainly simpler than generating original content, but it still requires some work if you want to benefit both your readers and your business.