6 Ways to Improve Sharing on Facebook

Great content deserves to be shared and Facebook is one of the best social media platforms to help spread your content. Here is a list of six ways to improve your sharing on Facebook so that more people are exposed to your content and so that you can improve its reach.

1. Use the 7-Posts per Week Rule

If you want to get the most amount of sharing, use the seven posts per week rule to make sure you are not over posting. While we don’t typically recommend posting more than once a day, when you have to it may make sense to take a day off sometime during the next six days. For example, if you post twice on Monday, only post on Wednesday through Sunday one time. Of course, this general “rule” can be broken effectively. Some Facebook pages post multiple times / day (think Buzzfeed), though most likely your business should not.

2. Repost Popular Content on High Traffic Days

You can use Facebook Insights to get information on which days of the week you are most likely to get the most engagement. Use these days to repost your most popular or strategic content so that it continues to drive engagement in the weeks or months that follow the original post.

3. Understand the Best Posting Times

Facebook Insights will help you to understand the days of the week to post for the most engagement and the best times of day. Use this information to your advantage and post at the most opportune times. Generally speaking, research has shown that the best times to post are in the morning, just before noon and right about the time people are getting out of work. Again, we recommend looking into your brands specific data but this is a good rule of thumb to start with.

4. Upload a Picture to Posts

Facebook users are more likely to engage with a post when it contains some sort of visual. When including links, don’t rely on Facebook’s automatic picture grabbing feature, upload the link manually for greater engagement.

5. Respond to Every Comment

Brands who respond to comments show their followers that they care about their input. This will encourage more people to get involved in conversations on Facebook and will increase exposure and shares.

6. Encourage Sharing

Sometimes all it takes to get a little extra love from your Facebook fans is a simple suggestion. Asking your fans to like, comment or share your posts often helps to increase engagement and encourages them to voice their opinion.

Keep it Consistent!

The above six tips work best when you use them consistently. Exercise these practices regularly to make sure you get as much sharing as possible and to increase the likelihood that your Facebook posts get as much exposure as possible.