5 Things That Happen When You Post Photos To Your Facebook Page

There are plenty of types of content you can use on your Facebook page. You can post a text status, you can post a link, and you can post a photo. Today we’re going to talk about posting a photo. Here are 5 things that happen when you post pictures on your Facebook page.

1. You Get More Real Estate On The Mini Feed

Text status updates are great, but when it comes to making a big impression on the Mini Feed, they aren’t the best way to go. When you post a great quality photo on your Facebook page, it is nearly impossible for someone to ignore it while they are scrolling through their feed. More people seeing your content=more conversions to leads.

2. You Get More Engagement

According to this study done by Fast Company, photos get 39% more engagement than other types of Facebook statuses. Like I mentioned above, if your content is catching more eyes that means more people are going to engage with the post. People will “like,” share, and comment all over photos.

3. You Can Create Photo Albums That Tell Stories

Facebook gives pages the ability to create photo albums. Photo albums are a great way to upload multiple photo at the same time that can tell your users a story. For example, let’s say your company participates in a local event. You took a lot of photos that you want to upload them all to your Facebook page. When users are looking at the photo album, they will scroll through the whole album, and without even knowing it they looked at 50 pieces of your content.

4. You Can Spread Your Brand Messaging

When adding that photo of your happy customer, you have the ability to add a small touch to the photo that could potentially have a HUGE impact. Add your logo to the corner of the photo. When you do this, users won’t just see a picture of a happy customer, they will see a picture of happy customer with YOUR logo beside it. Whenever Facebook gives you a chance to further your brand messaging, take it. If you haven’t yet created a logo, you can use a free logo maker tool like Hatchful.

5. You Can Show Your Personal Side

People love talking to people. People also love seeing people! You’ve heard me talk about showing your customers the backstage to your business. Post a picture of your team before a meeting. Post a picture of your company’s annual bowling tournament. Little pictures like this show a personal side to your business that no other marketing can do.

So, get out your camera and start taking pictures!

Thanks for reading,

Drew Larison

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