4 Reasons Your Business Should Be Using Google Plus

Just Another Social Networking Platform?

Launched in 2011, many people still think of Google Plus simply as another social network designed for sharing and communication with friends. Google Plus is really so much more.

Google Plus is more of a social layer designed to enhance and add to an impressive suite of services offered by Google. In addition, the platform has a powerful impact on business, as it is fully integrated with (and actively influencing) Google Search.  If you’re a business looking to grow and attract new customers, you will want to be active with Google Plus–here’s why:

1. Google Authorship

Google Authorship is a feature that allows authors of content published online (your business blog for example) to be associated with and connected to that content in a way that integrates with Google Search. Once you connect it with your Google Plus profile with your content, your content could appear in the search results with your headshot included, like this…


Not only does having Google Authorship markup associated with your content in the search results correlate with increased click-through rates, it also helps you build a reputation and clout that could help boost your presence in search.

2. Your Posts Can Rank in Search

That’s right, your “social media” posts from Google Plus can rank directly in search results!


By creating a post in Google Plus with a keyword optimized title, you can potentially appear directly in the search results. Building up your Google Plus following will also ensure that more people are exposed to the content you do decide to publish.

3. Personalized Search Results

For users signed into a Google account, personalized search results are often displayed. This means that Google personalizes the listings you get in search based on both your own behavior and social connections. Also, content that’s been shared with you privately  through the Google+ social network now also appears in the blended results. Although Google +1s are not actually part of Google’s ranking algorithm, they have a powerful influence on an individual’s personalized search results.

4. YouTube Integration

As another piece of evidence demonstrating that Google Plus is more of a social layer to products instead of a traditional social network involves the platform’s integration with YouTube. Because the two are now completely intertwined, leveraging that integration can help your videos gain more prominence in Google + and in Google search.


Businesses that build up their audience and influence on Google Plus will position themselves for future success. Make sure you are ahead of the curve by being active with the Google Plus and leveraging the benefits of the platform’s integration with search. For actionable tips, visit For actionable tips see http://moz.com/blog/google-plus-tips-seo.Have you had success with Google Plus? Have you noticed any additional business benefits of the platform?