How Pay with a Tweet Can Help Your Content Go Viral

Has your brand ever created a piece of content so great that you were sure that it would go viral if it just got spread into the hands of the right consumers? A creative tool called “Pay with a Tweet” may help you do just that and accomplish your social sharing goals a little quicker.

According to the Pay with a Tweet website you can give people access to your content once they post or tweet about it. This helps to create a social sharing snowball effect and combines elements of word-of-mouth marketing with exclusivity creating buzz around your brand that you may not have generated if you gave your content away for free or used a standard lead capture form.

How Pay with a Tweet Works

If you have ever downloaded an eBook you understand the process of providing your contact information in exchange for something valuable. Pay with a Tweet utilizes the same philosophy that consumers will find value in your content and in exchange do something in return. By agreeing to Pay with a Tweet consumers are making a simple decision to share your brands information – product, song, eBook, white paper, coupon, etc. – in return to free access to your content.

Website owners who wish to make their content accessible exclusively through Pay with a Tweet can do so with two simple steps:

  1. Create Pay with a Tweet button
  2. Embed button on website

Various Platforms to “Sell” Your Content on

Although the name suggests that the tool works with Twitter, Pay with a Tweet also works with a few other social media networks such as:

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • XING
  • Tumblr
  • Vkontakte
  • Google+

The benefit of these other platforms is that you can expand your reach without limiting your customers to just one social platform that they may or may not have a large network in.

Free and Paid Versions Available

Pay with a Tweet has three versions of the platform: Free, Premium and Business. The paid services allow users to track Pay with a Tweet traffic, clicks, sales and geo data. Other benefits of the paid services are the amount of buttons permitted as well as the customization of those buttons.

Who’s This For?

Pay with a Tweet is a great tool for any company that has something that they’d like to share with the social media world. Other generic options for “payment” generally include an exchange of contact information, a subscription to an email list, or an actual financial transaction. If your brand can see the benefits of social sharing and does not need to exchange content for any financial or lead capture reasons, Pay with a Tweet can be a great option to help your content spread virally.