Addvocate: Social Media Steroids for Big Brands

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What if big brands could leverage the power of all of their employees engaged in social media to enhance their presence? What if a brand’s employees were actively involved in their industry social media channels and the brand could capitalize on the networking that was already going on? And what if there was a way to capture all of these employees’ presences and measure and optimize the crap out of them?

I am guessing that you have already figured out this exists! We want to tell big brands (and SMB) about an awesome social media tool called Addvocate (we discussed in another post recently), a social media tool on steroids.

What is Addvocate?

On the website this tool is described as software that “allows you to monitor and improve your brand’s social presence by making it easy for your employees to share interesting content—and easy for you to track their reach.”

Employees who are active in social media opt into the system and set up a profile so that brands know exactly who is posting and spreading the word. These profiles can be segmented into groups by department, skill set, Twitter handle or name so that the managers know where content is coming from.

When employees find things that are relevant to the industry or want to share, they use Addvocate’s extension (in their browsers toolbar) and place it in the queue for moderation. Other employees can see what others have shared, make comments, share it with their personal networks or suggest other relevant content.

Finally, moderators have final say over what is shared on behalf of the company and can also schedule posts so that they go out at the most relevant times.

Why is this Awesome?

This is awesome because a brand no longer has to rely exclusively on its own social media profiles to spread the word and have conversations with existing or potential customers. It is also cool because these types of conversations are already happening anyway and can finally be amplified by a central moderating crew. Passionate employees are likely to have passionate friends so anything that comes out of these employees personal channels has an increased likelihood of getting picked up by a much larger, more trusting, audience.

What If I Don’t Want Employees to have Full Control?

Addvocate offers different levels of moderation at different prices. The Enterprise level is the only level that allows moderation and a management dashboard. There is no set pricing for this package however you can imagine that a brand like Red Bull or Coca-Cola with over 100 engaged employees could leverage the heck out of this system to be everywhere all the time with employees who enjoy networking within their industry.

Optimize like its 1999

One of the most important components of the Addvocate tool is the analytics dashboard. This dashboard allows you to determine what data is the most important to your audience and allows you to cater future social media efforts around it. Learn and post around the most popular topics, the days that statistically offer the most reach, and determine who your most influential employees are to funnel content through them.

Keep in mind that your moderation crew will be the lifeblood of your efforts as the social media plan and interpretation should always run through them

Is Addvocate Right for my Company?

Addvocate is like hiring an additional social media team except you only have to pay for the software. To get help with your social media efforts and to learn how Success Agency can help you boost your online presence, contact us today.

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-Drew Larison