Proof that Effective Blogging can Create Profits

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It should be no surprise to marketing managers that blogging is an effective way to drive traffic and help with rankings in the search engines. However, the true test of blogging and the central idea of traffic and rankings are to successfully convert visitors into paying customers. It is all too often we start work with clients who either don’t blog at all or just blog for the sake of blogging with no real goal in mind. If your firm relates to these clients, here is a little story on how one video production firm drives 60 percent of its leads from only two of its blog posts.

This case study, and the takeaway we want to deliver, is that blogging done right can make the difference between success or wasted resources. Take a look at the story and our thoughts on it to see how you too can implement this into your business.

How Simplifilm Created Success from Blogging

Simplifilm is a video production company that creates professional trailers and application demos that convert nearly better than any other firm out there. To get an idea about the type of cool short-film I am talking about click here. To attract more potential clients through blogging, Simplifilm discusses their process so that readers can learn more about how to make great films. These types of posts create credibility in the eyes of their consumers and make Simplifilm a trusted choice for their trailer film needs.

What are the Two Blogs?

The two blogs that bring in the most traffic for the company are Writing a Software Demo Script and How To Pick a Voice Over Artist For Your Project. In these two posts they essentially give it all away: the process, how to be successful, what to think about, the mistakes you can make, and the importance of doing these things right. Although the blogs are not exceptionally long, they are thorough and provide the readers a lot of value.

A lot of companies may get held up on the idea of giving away their process or blogging about their “secret sauce.” Yet, like Simplifilm has showed us, this is the kind of information that consumers are looking for and truly does result in leads.

You Don’t Need a Ton of Traffic to Generate a Ton of Leads

The other thing that is interesting about Simplifilm is that they don’t generate as much traffic as you might think for a seven-figure company. Getting only about 6,000 views a month and 10,000 video views (they are a video production company after all), the firm gets about “25 really qualified leads a month” according to co-founder Chris Johnson.

Simplifilm’s price point may be different from yours (one sale likely results in five figures or more) but the premise is the same. Driving “really qualified” leads to your website results in better conversions and more success.

Don’t Forget About the Lead Capture Part!

Something that Simplifilm also does well in addition to nailing the content portion of their site is to provide multiple areas on the blog posts in which to capture leads. Their website is professional looking, trustworthy, and has effective call-to-actions where they ask for contact information from their readers. Beyond great content, don’t forget to ask your readers to move on to the next step in your lead/sales process so that you get the conversion!

If you need help with this aspect of your website design or creating a great blogging campaign, contact Success Agency today!