Emerging Social Media Platforms

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When MySpace was raging at the height of its glory, a little known network called Facebook was hitting the scene. People looked at it as a small dog in a big fight that could never take over the MySpace giant. And now, does anyone still have a MySpace account?

Every major social media network started out as a small dog hoping to take on the big dogs, and there seems to always be a new dog in the fight. As we’ve seen play out so many times, some make it and some don’t.

We’ve taken a lot at what’s hitting the scenes and want to share some of the emerging social networks that we think have a shot of making it. Knowing what’s coming will help your brand stay one step ahead of the competition.


Dubbed as “a new way to express yourself,” Pheed is basking in the glow of recently reaching No. 1 in social free apps and No. 7 of all free apps in the App Store. Coming on the scene nine months ago, the social network app gives users a place to share text, photos, videos, audio tracks and live broadcast. In the early running, it proved popular among high school students. More recently, it’s seen many Vine users come on board.

This social network is a pay-as-you-go service. That means people are selling access to their “pheeds.” Celebrities and musicians have long been a driving force behind this network.


Crowd-sourcing has become the norm for media outlets, but Thumb opens that power up to everyday people. The app allows users to upload a photo or question and get the crowd’s opinion. Users can weigh in with a simple thumbs up or thumbs down, as well as make comments.

The network is enjoying some serious engagement among its users. Some reports put usage at around four hours a month.


With the major social networks racking up major user numbers and a growing supply of meaningless content, many people find themselves looking for a smaller circle to run in. They’re looking for better engagement with other users, not more. Quality content is what has users moving to the invitation-only social network.

The network comes from the creators of Twitter and looks to engage users in more crafted content. Not all users are invited to be content creators, which is what’s helping keep of the quality of content in check.


On many of the major social networking sites, users compile hundreds of friends and followers. There’s no way they can have personal relationships with that many people. Or at least that’s part of the philosophy behind Path. The smartphone apps caps users’ networks at 150 friends in an effort to encourage high-quality connections.

The app allows users to incorporate their content from Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Foursquare. It’s not trying to compete with these networks, rather it works to make the connections within them stronger.


The mobile app is like Pinterest but for products, not pictures. It’s a place for retailers and individuals to sell their products, but in a social environment. Users can like products they want or already have, and can even share their favorites with friends.

The social shopping experience also includes sharing wish lists for celebrations (think bridal registry) and it even allows friends to share gift ideas. The app has roughly a million users and endless growth possibilities.

A final thought

This is a just a handful of the emerging social networks that are on the scene today. I could easily go on and on and on, and tomorrow may likely bring a new crop of networks to discuss. Take a look around at the apps and sites I’ve discussed, and then keep an eye out for what’s coming down the pipe tomorrow.