How to Use Instagram Video for Your Business


You probably heard about the whole Vine movement and got excited about the prospects of using it for marketing your business. And, if you’re like a lot of people, you looked a little closer at it and realized there was little to no benefit to be found.

And then Instagram introduced a video feature for its mobile app, and your ears perked up again. You then quickly remembered the disappointment from Vine and its 6-second videos and didn’t bother to investigate this new development. But, this time it’s different. So, so different.

The differences between the two services can’t be contained on 10 fingers, and it’s those differences that blow the door wide open for marketing opportunities.

A little how-to action

We’ve talked on this blog many times before about how every business has a most-often asked question. Well, here’s another way to answer it. Use the 15-second Instagram video to answer that question, whether that be through a product demonstration, a step-by-step installation guide or a helpful how-to.

Show off your best work

You likely have a slideshow of pictures on your website showcasing your best work (or you should). Why? Because potential clients want to see that you have a track record of good work. You can do the same thing with a video clip.

Landscapers, do a before-and-after video of a backyard project. Hair stylists, record a makeover from beginning to end. Restaurants, shoot a video of your cook creating your most-requested dish. You get the idea.

Host a video contest

Video-submission contests have always had a lower yield of entrants because they’re a high-barrier contest. But now, with the ease of uploading a video on Instagram, that’s all changed. Invite fans and followers to use a pre-determined hashtag to enter the contest, and let the games begin.

The hashtag will make it easier for you to promote the contest as well.

Show off what’s new

Got a new product on the shelves? Offering a new service? This a perfect place to tell everyone about it. While you’re at it, include an exclusive offer on that new product or service to those who follow you on Instagram or Facebook.

Share it all on Facebook

Whether you decide to try one or all of the items suggested, share your work on Facebook. Since  Instagram is owned by Facebook, the two programs work seamlessly together. Share your videos on your brand’s Facebook page and you’ll double the exposure your efforts get.

A final thought

These are just a few ways to use the new video feature on Instagram to promote and grow your brand. I encourage you to really think about what’s unique about your brand and how you can harness that uniqueness in a 15-second clip. It may not sound like a lot, but there’s a lot you can accomplish in that much time. If you consider that a picture is worth a thousand words, 15 seconds is a gold mine!

Thanks for reading,

-Drew Larison