Reaching Grandma on Facebook

rocking grandma

If you think Grandma isn’t on Facebook, you’re wrong. And if your image of Grandma on Facebook is a little old lady in a nightgown and slippers sitting on an antique computer and squinting at the screen, you need to change your perspective.

And I’m not talking a tweak, I’m talking an overhaul.

Grandma is on Facebook, and she’s savvier at it than you might think. And when your brand is trying to reach her on Facebook, you’d do well to keep that in mind.

Show some respect

Too many have stumbled into brand-killing faux pas when it comes to the way they portray seniors in their marketing. Take Taco Bell, for instance. Its meant-too-be-funny-but-wasn’t-well-received Super Bowl commercial blew up the blogosphere with people claiming the company hates old people. That likely isn’t what they intended to do.

Just like any generation, seniors don’t want to be perceived as a stereotype. So don’t portray them as infirmed, over the hill or “on the way out.” Trust me, even if you think you’re being clever or funny, you’re not. And even if you are, it isn’t worth the risk.

Why are they here?

Before you can do a good job of marketing to seniors on Facebook, you need to understand what they’re doing there. And they aren’t just looking at pictures of their grandkids.

Sure they’re engaging with family and friends (new and old), but they’re sharing photos, playing social games and taking part in contests and promotions.

Show them the facts

When you get to a certain age, you just want to the facts without the fluff. They’ve seen it all, so you aren’t going to distract them with some fancy marketing techniques to sell them. They just want to know the facts, so give it to them.

Bring it to them

You may have all manner of interesting stuff on other platforms, but those older customers likely won’t ever see it. They’re not likely to chase after the latest app or social networking site, but that doesn’t mean they won’t find the content on those sites interesting.

Because of this, you should consider coupling your content, i.e. sharing your Instagram photos on Facebook.

The power of the referral

If there ever was a time to have others sing your praises, this is it. The 50 and older crowd put a lot of weight into referrals. They’ve heard all the claims advertising makes for too long and now just want to know what experiences others have had.

Give them something to talk about

One of the biggest reasons the baby boomers are flocking to Facebook is social engagement. Now that they’re retired, many in the older generation are looking for a place to belong, for meaningful conversations to be a part of. Give them a place to do that.

Make yourself available

Back in their day, not having great customer service wasn’t an option. Customer service used to be the rule, not the exception to it. Here’s your chance to be that for this generation. Incorporate live chat options for customers on your website, be responsive to customer questions and concerns on your Facebook wall, etc.

A final word

Reaching Grandmas on Facebook isn’t difficult, though it might seem to be. You just need to understand who you’re talking to and what they want to hear. And that should sound familiar because it’s just like how you market to any group.

Thanks for reading,

Drew Larison

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