3 Ways to Gain Ravings Fans


Ever been to a NASCAR race? The fans are serious. They wear gear in support of their favorite driver and cheer as his car comes into view with each and every lap.

A day at the race is loud. It’s colorful. It’s exciting.

Now, what do you think it’d be like if every car was beige, no one knew the drivers’ names and there was a 10 mph speed limit? Do you think the fans would be as ravenous? They’d probably be asleep. No, strike that. They probably wouldn’t be a fan.

The same can be said for your social media audience. If you throw a bunch of bland, boring posts at them, they aren’t going to be roaring and shouting for more. And just like with NASCAR, if you’re extremely boring, they won’t likely be your audience for long.

So, how do you turn your audience into raving fans? Well, give them something to shout about.

1) Question them

What better way to get people talking then to ask them a question? But don’t just ask them any question. Remember when taking tests in high school how much you hated open-ended questions? You’d pick a multiple choice question any day. Why? Because they were easier and required a lot less thought. So, keep that in mind when choosing your questions.

The easier you make it on them, the more likely people are to participate. It’s just human nature. Embrace it.

2) Inspire them

Even if you’re a company that sells toilets, you can be a source of inspiration to your audience. You can do it as simply as posting quotations as status updates. They don’t have to be related to your business — you’re not trying to sell something with this quote, you’re trying to inspire people (and maybe hopefully get them to share the post with their friends, meaning more people will see your page, like it and become a customer. OK, maybe you’re trying to sell something. Wink, wink.)

Don’t know any good quotes. Google away! The Internet is full of inspirational quotes from inspirational and everyday people. An important thing to remember here is to give those people credit for their quote. Stealing someone’s work won’t make you look like a trustworthy business.

3) Help them

What’s the one thing you get asked most often? Every business owner has an answer to this. So, give people the answer before they ask the question. Do this by posting helpful tips on your page. Come up with a list of common questions and post answers in the form of a tip.

You can also post tips that would be useful to your customers even though they aren’t entirely relevant to your business. Why? Because your customer is your business. Simple as that. Not only will these tips be helpful to your customers now, but they’ll establish you as an authority in your field later. That reputation will come in handy when they’re looking for services or products in the future.

A final thought

Even if you only start out trying one of these three tips, I think you’ll see a difference in audience engagement. Work up to all three and then bask in the audience applause. Then maybe you should catch a race to reward yourself.

Thanks for reading,

-Drew Larison