How to Market B2B on Facebook

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On average, B2C Facebook pages have more likes than the average B2B page. That translates to say they have greater reach on Facebook than their B2B counterparts.

One reason for that is B2B aren’t in the game to reach as many people as possible. They’re in the game to reach only the right people. Brand awareness for B2B is a different beast. The difference in reach, we argue, could also be attributed to the fact that B2B companies haven’t mastered the fine art of Facebook marketing like B2C companies. One reason might be that Facebook marketing for B2C companies is just more obvious.

But you can just as effectively use Facebook to market your B2B company as you can a B2C. You just have to know how to go about doing it. Some are the same as B2C and some are not.

Step 1 – Have a healthy wall

Be active and engaging to get your likes active on your wall. A busy Facebook wall is the sign of a successful company. The hurdle with this step is that this isn’t something you can force or fake.

Posting interesting and useful content on a regular basis will help engage your followers. And don’t just keep using the same source for information. Using multiple sources on your page shows you’re well read and studied in your industry, making you appear like an expert. Once you’ve got people to start commenting on your page, be an active participant in the conversation to keep it going.

Step 2 – Break out the camera

Photos are a B2B company’s best friend. Photos can help convey what your B2B company is all about. Because your business is inherently different from a business that caters to customers, your photo choices will be different as well. B2B companies can get away with posting more photos about their business and the work their doing. Unlike consumers, that’s what businesses are looking for from B2B companies.

If you’re a product-based B2B, post photos of how your products are used by customers. If you’re a service-based B2B, post photos of your team in action, doing what they do best.

Also, a good idea for B2B, post photos of custom orders you’ve done for businesses. It might help give a potential customer an idea for a product that only you can provide.

Step 3 – Call to action

Having people engage with your wall is great, but what you’re really looking for is business connections and leads — another area where your approach is different from B2C, which might be content with simply raising their brand awareness.

Businesses who follow your page won’t be put off by an overt call to action like a consumer would, so have it. Make information about how to become a customer a prominent feature on your page.

Thanks for reading,

Drew Larison