How to Get the Most Out of Your Blog


Besides from writing more, researching more, and creating better blog topics, how can you make your businesses blog perform better? You could hire more writers or spend your weekends blogging to impress the entire blogging world or you can take some notes on the tips we are about to deliver to you now. Try the following to take your businesses blog to the next level and to get more out of one of the best tools in your shed.

Increase Call-to-actions Within Your Content

Your blogs are probably not geared at directly selling your products or services. However, if you can learn to incorporate your products or services naturally in the content it very well could be a sales tool. Try to create blogs that educate your audience how they can solve their problems and how your products help to achieve this goal. Then, have effective call-to-actions that help these readers easily navigate to pages that are dedicated to selling or promoting said products.

Create Blog Subscription Forms

A lot of big businesses will get traffic for blog posts that they have written and not capitalize on it. If you write an awesome blog it should not be the only post on your site that is referenced from your audience. To capitalize on your best content, you should also let your audience have the opportunity to opt in for more great blogs from your company. Create blog subscription or sign-up forms that will email these readers each time you post a new blog and drive more traffic from people who already know they like your content.

Get Guest Writers from Well-Known Sites

Let’s say you decide to write a post on new Google algorithm changes. Wouldn’t it be cooler if you got Google’s anti-spam engineer Matt Cutts to provide info on that topic? Whenever possible, reach out to big brands or high-profile individuals to see if they want to cover topics that sound better coming from the horse’s mouth instead of yours.

Revisit the Past

Sometimes the present gives more insight to the past. For blogging, take advantage of your present knowledge to revisit an old post and renew some of the older elements that may make the content dated. You can optimize the title of the post as well as some of the content (body) to reenergize the blog and create more search engine friendly content that will in turn drive more traffic.

Social Sharing Buttons

This one is a bit of a no-brainer but some sites still miss it. If you haven’t already, place some social sharing buttons on your blogs so that people can both share the content through their social channels and can become fans of yours via social media.

Use Analytics to Revisit and Re-Optimize Older, Popular Posts

A favorite technique of ours to is to use our analytics program to revisit our most popular blogs based on traffic and hits. For starters we know what topics created the most buzz over our readers and can thus decide to write similar topics hoping for the same effect. Also, using data concerning those blogs such as entrance keywords we can further optimize the content to go along with the above point of revisiting the past.

What other techniques do you use to make your blog perform better and how much new traffic or business did you achieve as a result of your efforts?

Thanks for reading,

Avin Kline

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