How to Get Customers to Open Your Emails

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If email marketing is part of your businesses gameplan than getting customers to open your email is essential. Email marketing asks that the end-recipient takes action, and this action could mean clicking through to your website or giving you a sale. To help you boost your email open rates we have provided the following advice.

(What is an email open rate? This is calculated by dividing the number of emails opened by the number of emails delivered. This is expressed as a percentage.)

Save me Money

If you can save consumers money then they are likely to be more prone to opening your emails. Need proof? Groupon and LivingSocial have essentially developed entire business models across this platform. Users ask to be emailed when things that save them money are delivered and this makes the end-user more likely to open the emails.

If you don’t yet have the reputation that you are a money saving company but want to put this in the mind of your consumer, use words like “free,” “save,” “sale” or “free shipping” in your subject lines. Test the emails that work best and continue to go after those topics. For example, a free shipping offer may have a better open rate than a sale. Take note of these data points and formulate smarter email chains.

Solve my Problems

They do this in infomercials all the time – start by presenting a problem and then they should you how their product solves it. Your email titles can do the same as can your email newsletter. If customers knew that your email newsletter often had problem solving ideas do you think they would be more apt to subscribe to it? Develop a reputation with your reader base that shows them you are a frequent problem-solver and they will incorporate your business with trust.

Make me Smarter

Consumers like to feel that they are learning something or being empowered. If your emails can achieve this goal you find that your reader base is more prone to opening and responding to your message.

For example, once a month SEOmoz sends an email recapping what the big news in SEO was for the last 30 days. Some of the links point to their website and others point to other credible websites that offer significant, newsworthy SEO articles. I look for this email every month so that I can stay in tune to what I believe a credible company also thinks is credible.

Look at Your Data

Take a look at your last month’s list of email marketing messages. Can you identify the reasons why your recipients are reading your emails? If you can’t, try to implement one of the three strategies above and see if it has an impact on your open rates.

Thanks for reading,

Avin Kline 

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