How Often Should You Blog?

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How often should I blog? Whether they’re just starting out or been at it for a while, that’s a very common question among bloggers. The problem is, though, there’s not really an easy answer. There’s not really an answer at all. It’s one of those questions that you’re tempted to answer with a question.

How often should I blog? Well, how often do you have something good to say?

Telling it like it is

Go back and reread that last sentence. “How often do you have something good to say.” Not just something to say, but something good to say. That may sound harsh, but it’s true.

While a lot of bloggers like to have a schedule they follow – i.e. they post once a week on Mondays, etc. – it’s not an ideal situation for everybody. If you think you should make a blog post every week and are struggling to do so, your blog will not be as good as it could be. In fact, it might actually suffer because of it. Sure you might have steady blog posts, but they’re mediocre at best.

Quality over quantity

Though it may seem like it from the outside looking in, being a blogger isn’t the easiest thing in the world. In fact, it’s actually pretty stinkin’ hard. Sure it might be easy to rattle off some post about whatever topic you deem appropriate, but who really wants to read that. What’s difficult is putting in the man hours to really research a topic and present a clear, concise blog post from which readers will actually benefit.

So, I guess, a more precise answer to the question we started with is as often as you’re able to pour the necessary time and effort into a post in order to make it beneficial to the reader and not just a superficial filler of space.

Keep it in perspective

Now, all this doesn’t mean you should go months on end without making a post. But, you said I shouldn’t say anything if I don’t have anything important to say? Yes, that’s true. But you need to make somewhat regular posts. If readers pop in for a few weeks and notice you haven’t made any posts, they will likely wonder what’s up. But if that goes on for too long, they’ll just think you’ve become one of the Internet’s legions of sad, abandoned blogs. And once that’s happened and they’ve moved on, good luck getting them to come back.

And let’s be honest here. If a month passes and you haven’t found anything important to talk about, you probably shouldn’t have a blog.

A final word

When it comes to blogging, your mantra should be quality over quantity. Making a post just for the sake of making a post won’t get you the desired result of gaining readership. In fact, it will likely do just the opposite and make people question why you’re among their must-reads list. So, in essence, post with purpose.

Thanks for reading,

Drew Larison

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