How Picture Sites are Helping with Social Marketing


Consumers are becoming increasingly visual-minded which has been indicated by the popularity of websites like Pinterest, Flickr and Instagram. Just as Facebook enjoyed success in part to the short bursts of content its users love these periphery sites are enjoying social success as their platforms are also based on sharing content with friends. Users are not the only ones interested in these sites either; businesses are capitalizing on these graphical opportunities as well.

Lowe’s and Pinterest

Lowe’s is one of the most notable corporations that have jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon to engage and showcase their products to a wider audience. The “Never Stop Improving” slogan is holding true throughout their social media campaign as well and reports indicate that they have seen a 32 percent increase on their Pinterest page since integrating it with Facebook and have over 3.6 million followers at the time of this writing. Lowe’s utilizes its 42 graphical boards to introduce new products, home improvement tips, fun projects and inspirations on the site catering to the female demographic that makes up the most of Pinterest’s users. “Pinterest goes beyond simply just sharing or ‘liking’ things of interest by allowing users to collaborate on various topics,” said Brad Walters, director of social media and emerging platforms at Lowe’s. “Consumers like to share and show off their projects, big or small.” One of the most significant things Lowe’s did right with their Pinterest page was to feature these boards on its Facebook page allowing users to follow, like or pin their content without leaving Facebook.

The Rise of Flickr

Flickr is an image and video hosting website that is frequently used by bloggers to host images they embed in blogs and in social media. The site gets over 51 million monthly visitors, most of which are females, 35 years or older with a college education. Like Pinterest, businesses can start Flickr accounts to showcase photos that represent their businesses, products, services, past client work or company social events. Companies can also allow their pictures to be searchable on Flickr giving them even more opportunity to get exposure.

Instagram Knows the Big Picture

Companies who use Instagram tend to be extremely active on other channels as well. The network has over 80 million users and is used by the likes of companies like MTV, Starbucks, Nike and Red Bull. Red Bull specifically is a master of social media engagement (did you see the world’s biggest jump?) and can be a model for any company looking to engage. They use Instagram to allow their users to offer visual storytelling and to post their own images as well as post frequent pictures from their slew of professional athletes with branded hashtags that help push the social element. Currently Red Bull has over 650,000 followers and helps brand its image through, well, filtered Instagram images.

Use Images for Your Social Campaign

The above image sites can be used by most corporations with more visual or appealing products or services. Take notes from companies like Lowe’s and Red Bull who allow their followers to post their own images and engage in the process of showcasing how they use products in their daily lives.

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