Social Media Won’t Make Your Company Better


“Social media doesn’t fix anything. It just amplifies things. If your restaurant sucks, it just sucks harder in social media. It doesn’t make your chicken fingers taste better or your beer taste bolder. Social media is not a good place to go if you’re terrible at what you do.” – Scott Stratten @unmarketing.


If he’s talking about you, you need to listen up.

Just like social media isn’t the answer to all your marketing needs, social media isn’t the answer to all your real-world problems either. If you think you’re going to jump on Facebook or Twitter or whatever and create an alternate reality for your brand, you are dead wrong.  Here’s the thing about social media – it’s not a one-way conversation. It’s not you talking about how amazing you are and everyone listening, soaking it in as gospel. It’s a two-way conversation, and you can’t control what they say.

So, what’s that mean? Well, if you’re just plain bad at what you do and the bulk of your feedback on social media will reflect that, then social media isn’t for you. But wait, you’re probably saying right about now, aren’t you the social-media-rocks guys? Yes, but that doesn’t mean everyone should do it.

Do you and then do social media

Now, let me clarify. Once you get your brand, service or product up to snuff, then yes, by all means, jump on social media and let the masses rejoice in the progress you’ve made.

In the meantime, you need to get back to the basics of your business. Work on the fundamentals, if you will. Throw all your effort into bettering your customer service, instead of working to find a way to make it look better on social media. Don’t hype up an inferior product on Twitter. Instead, pour yourself into creating the post possible product, then it’s time to think Twitter strategies.

Give ‘em something to talk about

Whether you’re on social media or not, the conversation is still happening. And they very well could be talking about you. And just because you’re not in the conversation, you can still play a role in it. How’s that? By being awesome.

Give them something good to say about you online. Go above and beyond for a customer. Right a wrong you shouldn’t have had to fix. Do some killer community service. Don’t fake it. Find a need and do it up right. Whatever you choose to do, do it big and do it awesome.

If you put your effort into these types of endeavors, when it comes time to do social media, you’ll be way ahead of the game.

A final thought

The most important thing to remember is that social media doesn’t change anything. But you, you can change everything.

Thanks for reading,

Drew Larison