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At Success Agency, we enjoy studies that are backed by empirically researched data. When a reputable study came out that considered the science of effective tweeting we just had to share it with you. The study itself was not called ‘The science of effective tweeting’ just so you know; that was the name we gave it as we are only focusing on the things from the study that your business should know and try to implement.

Before diving into some of the numbers we should readily admit that the data that was revealed in the study and that is suggested below may, for some, be a tough pill to swallow. Spending the time on Twitter or any social media site in the capacities that are recommended to be successful can be daunting. If the below research seems overkill for your business you may want to consider an in-house professional social media manager or hiring an outside social media consulting team.

Effective Tweet Frequency to Attract the Most Followers

One of the many objectives of tweeting is reaching the largest audience possible. Given that goal, you may be asking “How many tweets per day are recommended to attract the most followers?” The answer, according to the research study, is 22 tweets per day! This number reflected people or companies that tweeted between one and 150 tweets per day and found that on average, the accounts that tweeted 22 times a day had the most followers.

This does not mean that simply tweeting 22 times a day will generate the most followers. There are other considerations to factor in as well such as what it is you are tweeting. Links in tweets, for example, have shown to significantly increase the chances of being followed.

Provide Links in your Tweets

In the study Twitter users were broken down into two categories—those with more than 1,000 followers and those with less than 1,000 followers. The study of these categories did not take into account tweets that contained a “@” sign but only those that contained a link. Evidence showed that accounts that provided links in their tweets had a four times greater chance of having over 1,000 followers than accounts that did not. The takeaway for your business is to provide useful links in most of your tweets to gain credibility and become a source of information on Twitter.

Getting the Most Retweets

Lastly, let’s take a look at which accounts get the most retweets. According to the study, Twitter accounts that tweet between 60-80% links get the most retweets. These accounts had somewhere between 14% and 16% of their posts retweeted by other users, helping to organically spread their information and increasing the chances of generating more followers and expanding their presence.


Looking at the above data on tweet frequency, the benefits of providing links in your tweets, and how accounts who provide 60-80% links tend to get the most retweets, we can extrapolate some interesting feedback as to how to improve our Twitter presence. It should go without saying that the quality of your tweets need to remain high and if you have an expectation of increasing followers you need to be providing content that is interesting and relevant. This also means that you should be engaged in responses and the following and retweeting of others to get the best return on your time.

What do you think about the above science of effective tweeting and do you have an example of tweeting strategies that have worked for you? Please let us know in the comments or contact us for more information on social media management.

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Avin Kline

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