The Difference Between Selling and Bringing Value

Sleazy salesman pointing

To sell or to bring value? That is the question.

Do you know who knows the answer? Lowe’s.

And you’d be wise to take a good long look at its online marketing techniques. Lowe’s doesn’t shove its products and services down customers’ throats. But don’t think that means their message isn’t being heard loud and clear.

Here’s how they do it

BRINGING VALUE: Lowe’s posts a YouTube video that helps homeowners learn how to clean out their gutters. Not only has Lowe’s showcased its products in that video (ladder and gloves, etc.), they’ve also cemented themselves as a friend to the customer. And when that customer needs help on a project in the future, Lowe’s will be first to come to mind as to where they can get help.

BRINGING VALUE:  On its Facebook page, Lowe’s offers customers a link to its online guide for choosing the right paint applicator. Yes, the link takes you to its selection of paintbrushes and other applicators, but there’s an interactive guide to choosing the right option for the specific job you’re looking to do. Again, the home improvement giant is helping its customers, not just selling them paintbrushes.

BRINGING VALUE: Again on its Facebook page, Lowe’s offers a link to teach gardeners how to successfully grow orchids. Follow the link and you’ll find a step-by-step guide to the growing process from beginning to end. You’ll also find customers asking questions and receiving answers about orchids from Lowe’s experts. You can bet those people will buy their plants from Lowe’s this spring even though Lowe’s did not try to sell them anything.

Here’s how you can do it

Instead of thinking about what you want your customer to buy, think about what your customer needs. What can you do to help them? What can you do that establishes yourself as an expert?

It’s not as hard as you’re probably thinking. You’re likely just making it too hard! Here’s some help.

SALON: Do a step-by-step video on how to master a flat iron and get that sleek salon look at home.

RESTAURANT: Offer instructions on how to pair wine with your most popular dishes.

FURNITURE STORE: Give advice on how to choose the right room color for your new furniture.

REALTOR: Have a real estate expert explain how to get your home ready for different seasons.

FLOORING COMPANY: Break down the do’s and don’ts of wood flooring maintenance.

CANDLE COMPANY: Give tips on how to get wax off different types of surfaces.

A final thought

See, it’s not that hard! It just takes a little more thought to do it right. Bring value to the table and it’ll sell itself.

Thanks for reading,

Drew Larison

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