You Have to Make Time for Social Media

Social media is not something you can sit down with for a few minutes in the morning and check off the to-do list for the day. Social media takes time, which we tend to have less and less of these days. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have time to spend with social media. It just means you have to make it happen. Here’s how:

Pick your social media battles

I could spend an hour naming off every social media site found on the web today and then a new one would pop up as soon as I’m done. Just because these sites exist doesn’t mean you have to be on them. It’s actually advisable that you’re not. If you spread yourself too thin across too many platforms, you’re overall presence will suffer. Instead, be present and strong where it counts.

Where are your customers? You wouldn’t pour a bunch of money into TV ads if your clients are in their cars listening to the radio, would you? Well, social media is the same way: It doesn’t make a lot of sense pouring hours into a Twitter account when your clients are on Facebook. So, do a little research to find out where your potential customers hang out online and then focus your efforts there. It’ll take some time upfront, but it’ll save you from wasting time later.

It’s all in your mind

If the phone rings at your place of business, do you not answer because you’re too busy? If a customer walks in the door, do you ignore them because you have too many things to do? Of course not! But business owners do it on social media every day! Why is that? Well, I’ll tell you: It’s all mindset.

Change your attitude. If you view social media as just one more thing to do, it will feel like a chore; and I don’t know anyone who enjoys chores. But, if you look at social media as a chance to meet and engage new people – instead of something else you have to do today – you’ll not only increase your chances of actually doing it, but you’ll do a better job of it.

Make the time. That may sound overly simplified, but the truth hurts. If you don’t view social media as important, then you’ll let it sit on the back burner with the many other things you haven’t made time for. But since you’re reading this blog, you obviously think social media is important to your business. And as such, you should make it a priority and budget your time accordingly. That means adjusting your schedule to remove less important items from the front burner and move social media up a notch.

Social media can be a team effort

There’s no rule that says only you can do it. If you have someone on your team who loves and has a knack for social media, by all means let them help you out.

Get some help: It brings you back to mindset. You’d contract out a new roof because it’s important and you can’t do it yourself, so why not social media? If you’ve tried to budget your time and give more to social media and you’re just not able to make it work, there’s help out there.

A lack of time and talent has sparked a need for businesses that help you create and manage social media. Look into getting some help. Might I suggest Success Agency (wink wink).

Thanks for reading,

Drew Larison