How to be Successful With Google+

By now, your brand likely has a strong presence on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. You’ve heard about Google+ but maybe haven’t tested the waters just yet.

If you’re like a lot of brands, you might be waiting to see if it catches on before you jump in. Well, with the platform claiming 400 Million users, I think it’s safe to say it’s catching on.

The good news is that if you have mastered the other social media giants, you’re already well on your way to Google+ success. But here’s a little extra help, just in case.

Promote your people

Consumers don’t fall in love with your brand because of a contrived marketing plan, right? It’s easier to build a relationship with a person than with a logo. With Google+, the in-depth comment system allows users to see past the outward image and interact with the people “running” the company.

Give some face: Because Google+ keeps tight reins on what business pages can and can’t do, let your people do the talking. Find an outgoing personality amongst your team and turn them into the face of the brand. Interacting with a familiar face will create a much richer experience and help users bond faster with your brand. This employee account can post articles, blogs, etc. Plus, people love knowing an “insider.”

Hangouts: An often-overlooked feature, Hangouts allow you to personally connect with up to 10 users. These would be a great way for your circles to have some one-on-one time with the face of your brand. Can you think of better engagement than letting people “hangout” and see the inner workings of your company?

This isn’t a game

Google+ made its intentions for the social media site pretty clear when it outlawed contests. The site isn’t about getting more; It’s about getting better.

Delve deeper: Again, with its in-depth comment threads, Google+ allows brands to share quality content that truly engages users. Obviously, creating thought-provoking content is more difficult than churning out quick posts. While that creates a stumbling block for some users, the payoff is a richer experience for users of your site.

Build specific circles: It’s easier to start those in-depth conversations with people truly interested in what you’re talking about, so brands can search using very specific demographics. The site has been described as a “’what you’re into’ model as opposed to a ‘who you know’ model,” making it much easier for prospecting.

You lookin’ for me?

The big payoff for a job well done in the first two categories can be found on Google, which indexes Google+. Cha-ching!

To give yourself an even bigger edge, be sure to complete the About tab on your profile. Be sure to include links to all of your websites, especially your social media sites.

And when you find yourself tiring of the process of finding strong content for your site, just think of the payoff coming by way of search engine results. Google yourself for a quick boost, and then get back to work.

Thanks for reading,

Drew Larison