3 Reasons Why it is Important to Think Like a Consumer

A lot of people that know me know that I am obsessed with two main things, Social Media and the University of Michigan’s football team.

The college football season started last week, and as a Michigan fan it wasn’t easy for me to watch. Michigan got killed by Alabama 41-14. I once heard a quote  that said “the best defensive coaches are the ones who have played offense” meaning of course, since the coaches had once played offense they would know what to expect from the defensive side. While watching the game, my Marketing mind kicked in. Isn’t this the truth in Marketing also? The best marketers are the ones who can think like consumers. Here are 3 easy ways to think like a consumer in Social Media:

Go where your consumer is

A lot of times when a company is first starting off with Social Media Marketing they want to join every possible platform to not miss any possible engagement. Please, listen to me. This will do so much more damage than good. I can guarantee that you will get frustrated and overwhelmed and then just give up. Find where your consumers are hanging out online. If they are spending more time on Facebook than Twitter, than so should you.

Find out what your consumer is talking about

In Social Media, I can’t ever stress how important it is to be SOCIAL. No consumer just wants to see your products or services being displayed 24/7. This is why it is important for you to find out what your consumers are talking about and then discuss those topics. This is a great way of showing your fans and followers that you are human and not just a robot that sends out messages about your product or service. For example, when they Olympics were happening, that would have been a great time to strike up a conversation about your favorite events and then ask your fans what they are watching. Think like a customer, not a brand.

Find out what your consumer wants

If someone has ever told you that the only thing consumers wants from brands on Social Media is a deal, well, they were probably right. It’s important for any brand to really figure out what their consumer wants from them on Social Media. If you’re a restaurant, consumers almost always will want some kind of coupon or deal. So, give it to them! There are so many types of coupons you can offer to satisfy their coupon craving…see what I did there? What ever it is that you find out that you’re consumer wants, just make sure that you’re providing some type of value when giving it to them.


So, what did we learn today? To truly be successful with Social Media Marketing, you have to humanize your brand messaging and really think like your consumer. To do this, go where your consumer is, find out what the consumer is talking about, and then find out what your consumers wants.

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