Social Media Marketing Isn’t Easy: 3 Tactics You Must do to be Successful

You’ve heard me say this before, Social Media Marketing is unlike anything else that has ever been created in the history of business. But, with this great tool comes a lot of work. When businesses started getting interested in having a Facebook page, they thought that just having a physical presence was enough. Those companies soon learned that just physically being there wasn’t enough. They learned that you had to be present at all times! Basically they learned that to being truly successful with Social Media Marketing is not easy thing to acccomplish. Here are my 3 tactics you must do to be successful with Social Media Marketing.

1) Be present

Like I said in the opening paragraph, just having a static physical presence on Social Media platforms will not lead to success. You remember those AOL chatrooms back in the day? It was hard to read a single message because there was so much stuff being said. Well, Social Media is like those chat rooms, but on steroids. People are talking about their pets, their favorite foods, and unfortunately their relationship problems, and they are doing this at all hours of the day. To be successful with Social Media Marketing you have to be ready to jump into any of these types of conversations whenever they are happening, OK maybe not the relationship complaints but you get the point. Never forget to be SOCIAL with Social Media.

2) Create great content

Never in the history of the world has there been more content created then there is right now. Which is why it’s important that your content should be great content to stand out among the rest. Whether you’re a restaurant and you’re giving out recipe tips, or you’re a furniture store writing blogs about the different types of mattresses, make sure that your content stands out. Another tip about creating great content is to simply answer the questions you get asked the most. If you’re a photographer and people always ask you what kind of camera you’re using lately, make a video showing your whole setup. This may sound obvious, but make content that people will want to see and you will be successful.

3) Care

The Internet is full of people who are looking for a place to complain (see relationship comment above). And yes, sometimes they will complain about your company. There are two ways of handling this situation. One, run to the corner of your office and just hope that the comment will disappear. Or, two, you can comment back and try to make the best of the situation. I see option one happen so often and it kills me. Business owners are given a chance to win back a customer and they just don’t care enough to man up and make things right. Every customer a business has is precious, treating them that way is no different just because it is a Facebook comment. If someones calls your company to deliver a complaint you just don’t hang up the phone, do you? No, you talk to them and try to make things right. If you care about your business you also need to care about your customer, no matter if it is a Facebook comment or Tweet.


Now, notice I didn’t title this blog “These are the Only 3 Things You Need to do to be Successful With Social Media Marketing”. These are just a few things that I think it takes to be truly successful with Social Media Marketing, but I think it’s a good start. If you would like a more detailed list of ways to be successful with Social Media just let me know or check out more of our blog posts here. Our team at Success Agency would love to sit down with you and your company and find ways to start being successful.

Thanks for reading,

Drew Larison