3 Tips to Writing a Successful Blog Post

I’ve been writing blogs for a while now, and trust me my posts weren’t always such masterpieces like they are now (insert sarcasm here). The other day I went back and looked at my first ever attempt at writing a blog post. It was pretty weak, to say the least. You could really tell that I wasn’t confident in my writing. But hey, that’s ok. I’ve been writing for almost 5 years now, and I think I have got much better.

Throughout these 5 years of writing blog posts I have come up with 3 easy tips to writing a successful blog post. I hope you will read this and really take in all the information. Blogging is one of the most powerful forms of marketing, so it is important to know that you’re doing it right.

Pick a Topic That You’re Confident In

I’m a big fan of  the old phrase, “confidence is everything”. I truly believe that no matter what situation you get thrown into in life, if you have confidence the outcome will be much greater. Blogging is no different. The topic of a blog might be the most important element of the blog. It is the meat of everything you’re writing about. I remember when I first got started writing I had my fiancee’ look over all of my posts. She would always point out that I left too many sentences with question marks. She would say to me “that shows that you’re not confident in what you’re writing”. Confidence is key. Don’t forget that.

Do Your Research

Call me weird, but I love researching new things. I love finding all the details of something to make sure I know everything I can know about it. You can ask my family, mostly my Dad, for my whole life I have always been the guy who asks way too many questions. I am in no way ashamed of being known as “that guy”. I happen to think it’s a strength of mine! This helps me out tremendously when I’m writing about a new topic. Let’s say you’re covering the Olympic games coming up in London. Before you write that blog post you should have already read tons of blog posts, articles, or watched tons of videos on the topic. This second point connects to the first point, because the more you know of the topic the more confident you will be.

Reply Back to Every Single Comment

If I made a blog post for every single Social Media platform this tip would be in every post. Replying back to the comments on your blog is just as important as tweeting back to your followers. When you reply back to comments on your blog it gives the commenter a sense that you’re a real person. You connect with them on much more personal level. When your readers feel that you’re not just an author of a blog, but a friend of theirs, they are much more likely to share your blog with their friends. Which is the whole point, right?


Like everything in business, nothing will be perfect the first time. It will take you a while to really get the hang of blogging. But hopefully with these three tips you or your brand will have no problems being successful with your blog.

Thanks for reading,

Drew Larison