3 Easy Steps to Success With Facebook Ads

Facebook AdsWith all the options available, putting together a successful Facebook ad campaign may seem daunting. Maybe even impossible.

But it’s all those options that allow you to create success, and getting on the right track is easier than you might think.


If you aim at nothing, you’re guaranteed to hit it. The same is true when running a Facebook ads campaign. You need to know going into it what your objective is.

Set goals: Are you looking to increase your fan base? Get more involved with your current one? Generate interaction on your Facebook page or promote your homepage?

Find your target: With its vast amount of demographic information, Facebook allows you talk to a specific audience. Your answers to the above questions will reveal who you want your ad to speak to.

If your goal is to generate more likes, then cast a bigger net. If you’re looking to reconnect with current users, less is more.


This is where good, old-fashioned marketing techniques come into play.

Ditch the logo: Studies say users are attracted to face shots of happy people and unusual images.

Another interesting tip is to choose colors that contrast with Facebook’s blue color scheme. Reds, yellows and oranges will make your ad pop.

You talkin’ to me? Your ad copy needs to inspire them to achieve the desired reaction, whether that be clicking like or sharing with a friend.

You chose who’s looking at your ad, so now talk directly to them. Tell them how your brand or service caters to their particular interest.

Dangle a carrot: Offer motivation to get the desired response. Such as, clicking like will get them a coupon or benefits exclusive to your Facebook users.

People don’t buy services, they buy benefits. Tell them how you can help them. Make them think the ad is about them, not you.


There’s no shortage of feedback from Facebook on how your ad is doing. Check in as often as possible, and react accordingly. Recheck the analytics and tinker some more.

Switch it up: Facebook allows you to create similar ads, making it easy to try different things. One of the easiest ways to tweak an under-performing ad is changing the picture.

You can also change your copy to have a stronger call to action or more clearly state the benefits of your brand.

Change your target: You can open up the net more or reel it back in. If you were looking for more likes and they aren’t coming, try expanding your targeted area or choose less specific demographics. Want interested buyers and getting passers-by? Tighten up settings.

Stay on the bandwagon: Once you find what works, keep on the right track. Armed with the knowledge of what works and what flops, keep evolving your ads.

Keeping things fresh applies to your actual Facebook page as well. Once you’ve got them, make sure you’ve got plenty of reasons to keep them there.

If not, this was all an exercise in futility.