Does your Twitter Account Have a Good Personality?

We all know that it’s important to have a good personality offline, but do we ever think about our personality online?

With the use of different social platforms you can really take advantage and show people what your or your brands personality is, especially with Twitter. Twitter is, in my opinion, the most personal social network out there. You have probably heard me in my past blog posts or talks compare Twitter to one giant cocktail party. What I mean by this is that on Twitter it’s one giant chat room. Everyone is saying what they are doing. Everyone is telling how they feel about certain topics. EVERYONE IS TALKING. How are you talking? How are you letting your personality show through your tweets?

Take Outback Steakhouse for example. Outback is known as the Australian steakhouse. Their traditional media messages  are full of sayings like, “No worries, mate”, “Down Unda”, and “Throw another shrimp on the bahrbie”. I tweeted at @Outback to show you guys how their personality shines through on their Twitter account too.

You see how they threw in the word, “mate”? That adds so much to my experience when I feel like I’m not only communicating with a community manager, but I’m communicating with a personality. Or maybe I just liked it so much because they called me amazing ;-).

How can you add this to your Twitter content? Is there something about your brand’s messaging with traditional media that you could add to your Social content also?

If you have any more questions about Twitter or anything web feel free to email me at I would love to chat.

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