3 Ways to Get The Most Out of Facebook Comments

With Facebook Marketing so much time is spent thinking of ways to get comments. Whether it’s on a status update, picture, or video it’s important that you are trying to do things to get more comments on your Facebook Page. But what do you do when you have those comments? How do you engage with your customers who are engaging with you? Here are 3 ways to get the most out of your Facebook comments.

1. ALWAYS reply back to comments.

It’s important to always try to reply back to every comment that gets posted. This does two main things. One, it makes your fans know that you are using the page to try to communicate with your fans, not just to push content out. And two, it doubles the number of comments. If ten people comment on your status and you reply back to all of them your content will now have 20 comments instead of ten. Users are more likely to pay attention to a post with 20 comments rather than just ten.

2. Tag users in your responses.

Facebook now allows Brands to tag users in their comments. This is a really cool feature because when you tag a user they will receive a notification saying that “Your Brand” has tagged you in their comment. This helps because the user will actually know you’ve commented back. Before this the user would not of known you commented back unless they came and visited your page again. Just simply start typing in the users name and a menu will pop up with their name in it. Click their name and they are tagged! It’s that easy.

3. Comment back in a timely manner.

Like a lot of things in Social Media Marketing, timing back as quickly as possible to Facebook comments is very important. As communication is changing in our culture, people are starting to use Social Platforms like they used to use a phone. This is good because that means more people will be engaging with your brand to ask questions, schedule appointments, and maybe ever buy your product, but this also means that you have to ready to respond like you have with your phone for years. People expect a quick response from your brand on Facebook, so it’s important to meet their expectations.

If you have anymore questions on this topic just let me know by emailing me at Drew@WebSuccessAgency.com. I would love to help you guys out.

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