Getting Started on Twitter: Tweet First, then Follow

Tweet Before You FollowAre you or your business just getting started on Twitter?

A key element of an effective Twitter strategy is to follow people who you want to connect with. But before you follow, make sure that your stream of tweets isn’t empty.

When a user gets a notification that you are following them, there’s a good chance they will check out your profile first before following you back. If your tweet stream is empty there’s a good chance they won’t follow you back.

5 Tweets to Post Before You Start Following

(1) Post one tweet which includes a link with commentary to an article which your target audience will fine valuable

Ex: “Smart article for small biz: 6 Steps to Cashing in On Online Reviews“. This shows your potential follower that you’ll provide value by linking to quality information which they will find relevant.

(2) Post one personal thought which is relevant to your target audience

Ex: “I’m thinking the biggest challenge for small biz owners is focus. what do you think?” This shows potential followers that you’re not just a stream of information but a real person – and you’ll tweet like a real person.

(3, 4, and 5) Post three relevant @ replies to others’ tweets

Ex: “@avinkline thanks for sharing this article – it definitely made me think”. This shows potential followers that your not just looking for one-way communication and that you’ll engage with your followers. After all, Twitter is not a numbers game, it’s cocktail party.

The main point here is to be strategic. Don’t just start following hundreds of people while you have an empty stream of tweets. First put some quality tweets out there, then follow. This will help ensure you’re followed back.

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