3 Ways to Make Your Twitter Curb Appeal Undeniable.

I have been on Twitter for quite a while now, and the more followers I get the pickier I am becoming on who I follow back. There are some things that completely turn me off to someone’s Twitter page. For example, if you’re Twitter account shows that you follow 30,000 people and only have 2 followers…DEAL BREAKER. If all you post is links to articles titled “I am making $50,000/day working from home! You can do the same here!”…DEAL BREAKER. If you don’t have any @ replies on your timeline…DEAL BREAKER.

I have come up with 3 ways to make it so that no one will ever not want to follow you on Twitter. Here they are:

1. Make sure your stream is social.

It’s very important that you make sure that people feel like they will get some kind of social response from you by looking at your Twitter stream. If people look at your Twitter stream and see nothing but links and normal tweets, they will know that there isn’t a good chance that you will ever respond to them. Someone once told me that your tweets should be 90% @ replies, and 10% normal tweets. I’m all about this idea. NEVER FORGET TO BE “SOCIAL” WITH SOCIAL MEDIA.

2. Have a professional picture.

Your profile picture might be the first impression you will have on someone with your Twitter profile, so it’s important that you impress them right off the bat. I’m not saying that you should go hire a professional photographer, and spend $100’s of dollars for a Twitter profile picture, but I am saying that you should put some thought into it. Don’t just put up a picture of you and your best friend from college at a frat party. Make people want to know more about you by your picture alone.

3. Have a well written bio.

After the profile picture, your Twitter bio is the second thing people will notice about your Twitter profile. I’ve seen a lot of different Twitter bios in my life. I’ve seen ones that were full of hashtags, I’ve seen ones that were full of awards, and I’ve seen ones that were blank. A lot of people will give you advice to put your professional title and then a fun fact about yourself. In my opinion, the best Twitter bios are the ones that I feel like I really know the person after reading it. My best advice would be to just be yourself. Showing people your genuine self is always the best idea.

If you follow these three rules people that find you on Twitter will have no thought but to follow you.

If you have any questions about this topic feel free to contact me at Drew@WebSuccessAgency.com. I would love to chat with you.

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