3 Things Every Brand Needs to Know About Facebook Timeline for Pages

If you didn’t notice, Facebook released Timeline for Pages last week. This is a HUGE change for all brands that have been using Facebook as a part of their Social Media Marketing plan. Here at Success Agency we have loved reading all of the new blog posts, watching all the videos, and seeing all of the new brand Facebook pages. We have come together with our top 3 things that every brand needs to know about Facebook’s Timeline for Pages.

1. Cover Photo and Profile Picture


The first thing you and everyone else will notice about Timeline for Pages is the new Cover Photo and Profile Picture set up. Facebook has taken away the photo strip on the top of the page and given brands the opportunity to make a custom “cover photo” that can be 850 pixels by 315 pixels. I personally have loved the cover photo design ever since they made it possible for people to have it. I think it’s a great opportunity for brands to show their fans more about them in a creative way.

The profile picture has also changed. The dimensions of the profile picture are now 180pixels by 180pixels and can be viewed as a 30pixel by 30pixel image next to any post. The trend with the profile pictures is to use this space to put your brands name, and then to use the cover photo as a call to action or describing what your brand is all about.

2. Brand Highlighted and Pinned Posts.

One of the mail goals that Facebook is trying to accomplish with Timeline is to help brands tell their stories over Facebook. Highlighted and Pinned posts will help do that in a HUGE way.

With Highlighted and Pinned posts, brands now have to the opportunity to pick which posts they want to show up at the top of the page and also in a larger more eye catching way. For example, if your company just posted a new video showing a new product you could Highlight the post of the video and make it show up in a much larger way so that people will notice the post more easily.

3. Fan to Brand Messaging

I’m really excited for this new feature. I said about 6 months ago when Facebook started allowing users to have @Facebook.com emails that they are trying to control 100% of the communication on the Internet. I believe this is just another step towards that goal. Users can now send private messages to brands. This is a great opportunity for brands to humanize their message even more.

What do you think? Do you like/dislike the changes Facebook has made? I really think all the changes are positive ones and will help brands share their message with all of their followers.

Thanks for reading,