3 Reasons Why NOT to Connect Your Twitter to Your Facebook.

Connect Twitter to FacebookThis is one of those blog posts that came from a request. The other day I tweeted this: “PLEASE STOP CONNECTING YOUR TWEETS TO FB! TWO COMPLETELY DIFFERENT PLATFORMS, TWO COMPLETELY DIFFERENT CONVERSATIONS!”. This tweet got around 7 RT’s and started some good conversation. People were asking why I felt that way about connecting Social Platforms, and why was I using ALL CAPS! So, I decided to write a blog about it. So, here are my 3 reasons why NOT to connect your Twitter to your Facebook.

To understand any of my points you first have to realize this: Facebook marketing and Twitter marketing are two completely different beasts. They both flow differently, they both work differently, and they both communicate differently.

1. Different platform, different communication.

Let’s say a company has set up for their Twitter account to automatically send their tweets to Facebook and one of their tweets has the term “RT” in it. If that tweet is sent to Facebook where there is no such thing as a “RT”, it will come off as confusing. Twitter users have their own language that Facebook users do not understand. Have you ever seen an Italian try to speak with an American? It’s not pretty, and the same thing goes for Facebook and Twitter.

2. Don’t overload your Facebook feed.

If you use Twitter and Facebook you understand that you Tweet a lot more than you put out new status updates on Facebook, which is a good thing. I look at Twitter like a giant chat room, so seeing someone tweet 50 times a day isn’t weird to me. But, if someone was putting up 50 Facebook status updates every day that would get annoying and more than likely I would unfriend you. If your tweets are connected to Facebook and you are tweeting more than 50 times a day, that basically means you are putting up over 50 Facebook statuses a day. This will be looked at as SPAM and you will be either ignored or unfollowed.

3. It makes you look lazy.

If your goal on Facebook and Twitter is to grow an effective brand, than connecting these platforms will work against you. It is a much better idea to show you are intentional by creating a custom message for both platforms. This also makes it look like you are favoring one platform over another. If your tweet is sent to Facebook, people will be less likely to read it because it’s not from Facebook.

There are many reasons why I believe you shouldn’t be doing this to your brand messaging, but these are the main 3 to help you get started. If you have any other questions over this topic I am always ready to discuss! You can tweet me at @MrDrewLarison or email me at Drew@LarisonSocialMarketing.com.

Thanks for reading,