3 Easy Steps to Success with Instagram for Your Business

Instagram for BusinessSince the new year came there has been so much talk about Pinterest and how everyone is predicting for it to be very successful, which I completely agree with. But, let’s not forget about the other startups that I think will have a huge impact in 2012, like Instagram.

Wikipedia defines Instagram as a free photo sharing application that allows users to take a photo, apply a digital filter, then share it a variety of social networks including Instagram’s own.

Like all new applications, I like to use it for my own personal use and then strategize how a business could find success using it. I used Instagram for close six months and always found myself checking it to see who has put up new pictures. I could be wrong, but I think this means that I really enjoy using this app.

Like Pinterest, if your content on Instagram isn’t great quality and unique it won’t be successful. Luckily with Instagram and their professional looking photo filters, it is really not that hard to make great looking content. All you have to do is take a picture using your phone and then choose a filter that you think works the best.

Here are 3 steps on how a business can be successful with Instagram

1) Get creative.

Don’t look at using Instagram like you would look at just taking pictures with your cell phone. Get creative with it. Starbucks is one of the top Instagram users because they are very creative with their pictures. They just don’t take a picture of a cup of coffee, they take a picture of a cup of coffee sitting a deck of a lake house looking over a beautiful lake. It’s very important that you try to make people smile with every picture you take.

2) Reply back to other user’s Instagram comments.

On Instagram, people can “like” and leave comments on pictures. It’s important for you to try your best to turn that comment section into a chat room. With every comment you get, reply to it. Another important fact about commenting back at people is to use the @ sign in front of their name. If you do that they will get a notification saying you replied back. If you don’t use the @ sign, they will not get a notification and your reply will most likely go unseen.

3) Give users a behind the scenes look of your company.

Instagram gives brands a great opportunity to show their fans and followers a behind the scenes look of their company. Burberry does a great job of this by taking pictures of their models backstage of a fashion show. Users love to see this type of content because it gives them that VIC (Very Important Customer) feeling. 

So, don’t get all caught with Pinterest and forget about all of the other valuable platforms that are there like Instagram. I hope this will encourage you and your brand to get on Instagram and start making some awesome content.

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