Twitter is Not a Numbers Game


Twitter is not a numbers game.

In this past I have heard Twitter being compared to a huge cocktail party. I love this comparison. Whether you are running a personal account or a business account, your first and most important goal with twitter should be conversation and relationships- not the follower count.

To start more conversations and get more engagements from people all you have to do is three things: follow people, start talking, and have quality shareable content.

With all of my Twitter accounts I make it a priority to FOLLOW a solid amount of people. I start engaging with them, build relationships with them, put out my own content, and then eventually they will be recommending some of their followers to follow us 🙂 See how that works?

When you go to a party do you leave saying, Wow! Over 100,000 people listened to me talk tonight or do you leave talking about the conversations you had at the party? Concentrate more on your conversations and people, and those follower numbers you want will show up.

I’ve always wondered what kind of difference it would make if people would brag about how many people they FOLLOW and talk to, not how many people FOLLOW THEM.


Thanks for reading.