3 Things Businesses Have to Know About Pinterest

If you haven’t heard of the Social Media site called Pinterest yet, I’m going to have to ask you to get out from under your rock.

Wikipedia defines Pinterest as a pinboard-style photo sharing website, which basically means that users can find photos or videos from all over the Internet and post them onto different pages or “pin boards”.

In my opinion, Pinterest is going to grow unbelievably in 2012 because of it’s content and usability. Users love seeing quality images/graphics and they love sharing them with their friends, so Pinterest is just set up to be an amazing success.

As this site keeps growing, businesses are looking on how they capitalize on it. I have been on Pinterest for close to six months so I have come up with 3 ways to use Pinterest in the best way to advertise your company.

1. Don’t just pin things that you’re interested in.

There are over 30 different categories on Pinterest that are filled with awesome content. Which means that you have plenty of things to choose from to pin. It is really important not to just pin what your brand is interested in. The same goes on Twitter and Facebook. That’s like saying your brand’s target market always is watching ESPN, but your employees love QVC so all of your commercials should go on QVC. Remember this, it’s not about you…it’s about your customers.

2. Don’t post your all of your pins to other Social Channels.

We all know how annoying it can be when all a Twitter or Facebook account posts are links to similar things. Well, this is a possibility with Pinterest too. On Pinterest when you are pinning something they give you the option to send it to your Twitter or Facebook account. If all of your pins on Pinterest are also Tweets, people will unfollow you or just ignore your Twitter content. It is acceptable to post a Pin every now and then on Twitter or Facebook, but make sure it is really awesome content.

3. Re-pinning on Pinterest is just as important as re-tweeting on Twitter.

On Twitter, re-tweeting is a great way of reaching out to people in your target market, or in your industry. It shows them that you are active in your industries online community. This same rule applies on Pinterest. Pinterest has given users the ability to re-pin content. When your re-pin someone’s pin it will show up on the board of your choice.

These are the first 3 biggest ways I have found to be successful on Pinterest. If you guys have any other tips, I would love to hear them. Email me at Drew@WebSuccessAgency.com

Like I said in the start of this post, Pinterest it going to grow in HUGE way in 2012. There will be plenty of other tips and tricks as I find out more about Pinterest.

Thanks for reading,

– @MrDrewLarison