Ring, Ring, Ring…Twitter is Calling.

Twitter for businessA client just told me that when we ran a contest last Tuesday on their Twitter account they literally had more traffic on Twitter than they did on their phones all day. You would think that this wouldn’t surprise me, since I am all about Social Media, but I was just as shocked as you are.

I thought of all the times I got asked the famous question of Social Media Marketing, “what is the ROI (return on investment) with Social Media Marketing?” I answer this question the same every time I am asked it, “Well, what’s the ROI of your business having a phone? People are trying to communicate with your business. Will you be there to answer back?”

This answer of mine means a completely new thing to me now. There is a huge opportunity with Twitter and reaching your market share. If you’ve ever questioned if it was a waste of time, hopefully you see now how valuable it can be for your company.

Thanks for reading.