Creating Remarkable Client Experiences—The SUCCESS agency Way

by on Apr 24, 2017 in Agency Talk

As human beings, we all seek to build meaningful relationships. We hope to make lasting impressions on the people that we meet.

As an agency, we’re no different. With each and every client that we have, we strive to build a meaningful relationship and to make a lasting impression on them.

Let me explain.

Internally, we refer to our clients as “investors.” Why? Because they are investing their resources in us the same way they would a financial investment. And we want to give them the biggest return on investment, not only in revenue, but also in providing them with a remarkable experience along the way.

Our goal is for every single investor interaction to be not just a positive one, but a remarkable one—a memorable one. One that makes our investor look back and think “wow.” One that focuses on the journey—and not just the end result. Because at the end of the day, it’s not just about increasing revenue. Perhaps most importantly, it’s about building those connections.

In our last blog post, we talked about some of the ways that a few brands have succeeded in creating those remarkable client experiences (and there are some pretty inspirational stories included to boot).

This time around though, we want to tell you how we succeed in creating remarkable investor experiences at SUCCESS agency. Each of our investor-facing team members have shared their secrets, which will hopefully inspire you with your next client interaction…

Avin, CEO & Co-Founder of SUCCESS agency

Our whole goal is to make things as easy as possible for our investor. A lot of things are a combination of just little things.

For example, one of my favorite hotels in Boston is the Boston Harbor Hotel and I remember showing up there after an early morning flight and they were able to check me in early. But when it came to the things that they needed me to write down like my address, instead of having me take the time to fill out the sheet, the man just said, “hey, if you just put your business card out there, I’ll take care of it.” He found a way to connect with me. He knows that I’m tired and that I’ve been traveling and that I’m traveling for business. It saves me probably 60 seconds, but he was also letting me know that he was trying to make things as easy as possible for me and make it simple.

So we try to do that same thing at SUCCESS agency. A lot of times it’s those little interactions. We have a lot of interactions and back-and-forth with our investors. Anyone who coordinates with the investor is very, very intentional about delivering that message. If they need to review something, we make sure that link is handy for them. Yes, they could find that link in 30 seconds to a minute by scrolling down, but instead of making them think, we are going to provide it to them right there. It’s those little things but they add up and those little things are ingrained in everything we do.

Sometimes if it’s a new process, we might spend 10 or 15 minutes crafting a message just to make sure it’s as easy as possible. In every interaction, we try to make things easy for them. We’re always thinking: how do we make this easy for the investor?

It’s also about customizing our interactions for the investors. For one investor, one way of working for them might be best…we work with one investor who is very tech-savvy, so working with them on a platform like Basecamp works best, whereas another investor we have is always working from mobile, so email is best and Basecamp doesn’t work. We tailor to investors and make sure there are multiple points of contact.

But there are big things that pop up every once in a while too. One of our investors was going to do their first partner conference for pretty much the most important people that they work with. I was talking to our point of contact who was stressed about how they were going to get everything done. At that time, our services didn’t include running events, but some of team members had experience running events, so we jumped in.

We took what was a big challenge for the investor, came in and made that conference a huge success for them. This summer will now be the fifth time running that conference for them. We found a way that we could help them with excellence, so we jumped in and kicked tail and made things easier for them.

Jordan Mann, Content Marketing Writer  

A few months ago, we were contracted by a growing accounting firm in Baton Rouge that was looking to establish a professional website for their business.

As a part of our intake process, and over the course of the project, we took the time to really get to know the founding partners and to understand both their vision for their business and who they were as individuals.

We also took the time to collaborate with the investors on messaging, providing them with ideas, while taking the time to listen and incorporate their feedback.

When we were done, the investors said the following: ‘You did so much more than create a website, you actually helped us craft a brand and a message for our business that we can carry into the future.’

Tom Lohrmann, Marketing Support Specialist

At SUCCESS agency, the investor always comes first. From the time before we even begin working with an investor, we strive to make things easiest for them. This means being willing to hold meetings when they’re available, and switching around previous obligations to ensure that their needs and desires are fully met.

This also means that once we begin working with an investor, that no matter what they request, whether that be multiple revisions or variations, or drastic changes across the board, we’ll always complete the task(s) happily, in a meticulously thorough manner.

We also seek to continue to make the investor’s job as easy as possible throughout the working relationship by providing multiple options/solutions when posing a question and offering suggestions and input without trying to sway their opinion.

And in the end, we’ll always do what the investor wants.

Pete Jones, Technical Support Specialist  

Recently (and more than often) I have investors who need a new function added onto their website or third-party service they use. One of our investors uses Salesforce Pardot as a third-party service for their lead journeys and email and form management. They were having issues managing the form fields and entries, as well as the Journeys to funnel their leads. I took the time to go out of my way to do some initial research to find out what they are using Salesforce Pardot for and their goal behind the Journey.

Once I confirmed that, I took the lead contacting their support and reading documentation to first set up the Journey and forms, and then I took the lead in creating a step-by-step video tutorial that they could download to use themselves or for their new incoming staff that might need to utilize the function or service they need help with.

This was much appreciated by the investor as they not only had an easily referenceable video to help manage and empower themselves, but they also had a tool that they could pause and follow along with and share with anybody to help them save the time and cost of having us do the work, which we are always happy to do, but empowering our investors gives them confidence and strengthens our relationship.

Caleb Stauffer, Lead Web Developer  

We had been working on a new product line launch for one of our investors, which involved new content types, templates, images, and copy. SUCCESS agency took the lead in managing what content was needed via spreadsheets and to-do lists, as well as optimizing images and inserting content.

As we were approaching the launch of one of the new templates, our investor had inquired if we had a single, very specific piece of content. While we answered his question directly, we also asked if he would like us to refresh him on what the other remaining similar pieces of content were. Even though he could have referenced the spreadsheet that was managing all the content, we went beyond providing the answer to his question, and kindly provided him with a full review of the other pieces that were needed.

A somewhat small action, but it shows our investor that our value is on them accomplishing their goals and tasks, and we’re there next to them to serve and help, even in the smallest ways.

Lessons Learned

So what are we getting at here? It’s pretty simple, really.

When working with a client, try to get to know them. Build a relationship with them.

Perfect your messaging and make sure your communication is as clear and effective as possible. Eliminate as much of the back-and-forth as you possibly can, by stating your needs upfront.

Go above and beyond your call of duty to help your client. In the words of Steve Jobs, “a lot of times, people don’t know what they want until you show it to them.” Understand their pain points and put yourself in their shoes. Then ask yourself: What can I do to make things as easy as possible for them?

If your client prefers to use a certain platform that you’ve never used before, start getting acquainted with that platform—even if it might require a bit extra time and effort on your part.

Provide them with a helpful resource that they never asked for or knew they needed in the first place.

Make suggestions on how something can be improved—even if the client thinks it’s fine as is.

Jump in and help them with something that doesn’t fall under your job description.

Or save them thirty seconds and provide them with that link that you’re referencing to in your email.

Remember that it’s all of the little things along the way that add up and make a big difference.

It’s often those little things that make a client experience go from good to remarkable.

About the author of the post
Mary Blackiston is the Content Marketing Specialist for SUCCESS agency.