4 Reasons Why Digital Marketing is the Perfect Field for Working Remotely

by on Aug 30, 2016 in Remote

While discipline and professionalism are part of the DNA of any successful digital marketer, at heart, we’re all still creative people with a story to tell. Whether we do it through written content, graphic design, web design, analytics, or project management, digital marketers are always trying to push through, to see what new things they can accomplish.

The problem is, sometimes that can’t always be pigeonholed into the rigid mindset of the office environment. This is where working remotely can work to our advantage, both in terms of how we work, and how we collaborate with our coworkers.

In our blog post, 5 Practical Benefits of Remote Work for Digital Marketers we talked about some of the tangible benefits of remote work. But what about the intangible?

Here are four more reasons that remote work from home can make you more creative, and provide you with a better work experience.

1. Be More Productive

While many think that working from home must hurt productivity, studies have shown the opposite to be true. Remote work from home forces people to be more independent and self-directed, and asynchronous communication through Instant Messaging and video conferencing actually allows people to communicate more efficiently. Instead of wasting time walking from desk to desk, and dealing with outside interruptions, you can get answers with a few clicks of a mouse.

2. Expand Your Horizons

When you work in an office, your co-workers all live in the same geographic area. The available talent pool is restricted by geography.  When you run a remote office, your co-workers can be the best candidates from around the country—or the globe

3. Be More Equal

One surprising benefit of remote work from home is that it gives equal credence to different personalities and communication styles. That means the loudest person at the table doesn’t always have the last word. It also has been shown to reduce unconscious bias in the hiring process. Remote workers are judged by what they can do, rather than what they look like. When that happens, everyone succeeds.

4. Feel More Human

When you work remotely from home, you feel more human. You’re surrounded by familiar things that let you focus on the task at hand without the distractions or the sterility of the office environment. When you can step out of the rigidity of an office schedule, you can work in a way that is authentic to you. When that happens, work stops feeling like work.

If you’re a Digital Marketer and you’re ready to enjoy the benefits of remote work from home, you’re going to love our free guide. Learn everything you need to know about the benefits of remote work, how to find a remote work from home opportunity and how to ace the interview.

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