Executive Assistant

Here’s your opportunity to take your organization, planning, and get-stuff-done skills and put them to action in a fast-paced remote agency, helping the CEO maximize his productivity while you work from anywhere… whether that’s your home or traveling the world.

The Ideal Candidate Will…

  • Exhibit strong writing skills, including the ability to communicate clearly yet pleasantly in writing.
  • Have a comfort with data and reporting.
  • Have experience with scheduling, organization, time management, and travel logistics.
  • Be very comfortable with digital tools and communications. Google Apps, Instant Messenger, Email, Project Management Tools, and other digital ways of life must be a natural part of your life.
  • Excellent documentation skills


  • Have 2-3 years of experience as an administrative or executive assistant.


  • Have 3-4 years of experience in a role primarily involving project management and customer relations.

Responsibilities Include…

Increase the CEO’s effectiveness by representing the CEO internally and externally inside a 100% remote marketing agency. You will be the Executive Assistant of the CEO.

The Executive Assistant role includes the following responsibilities:

  • Provide administrative support to the CEO. Coordinate meetings and agendas; assist with presentations and meeting materials; Produce reports, presentations and briefs for the CEO’s daily planning.
  • Manage incoming and outgoing mail/email, calls, inquiries, and prepare responses for approval or signature as appropriate.
  • Effectively processing tasks to agency team members; following up on results.
  • Checking and responding to emails while compiling a time sensitive “to do” list for the CEO. Compile and summarize incoming information
  • Produces information by transcribing, formatting, inputting, editing, retrieving, copying, and transmitting text, data, and graphics.
  • Proof documents prior to final distribution.
  • Conserves the CEO’s time by reading, researching, and routing correspondence; drafting emails and documents; collecting and analyzing information; initiating telecommunications.
  • Maintains executive’s appointment schedule by planning and scheduling meetings, conferences, teleconferences, and travel.
  • Represents the executive by attending meetings in the executive’s absence; speaking for the executive.
    Prepares reports by collecting and analyzing information.
  • Completes projects and special assignments by establishing objectives; determining priorities; managing time; gaining cooperation of others; monitoring progress; problem-solving; making adjustments to plans.
  • Improves quality results by studying, evaluating, and re-designing processes; implementing changes.
  • Promotes Process Documentation & Improvement

Working With SUCCESS agency

  • Our team works remotely and collaborates using tools such as Google Hangouts, Slack, and Basecamp. You’ll have the freedom of working remotely, yet our tools will make you feel you work in the same room. Curious about working remote? Read REMOTE by 37signals.
  • We have a good balance between structure and flexibility. Need to leave the office to take your 6-month-old to the doctor for a checkup? No need to ask for permission… but then again you might let everyone know anyway because we’ll all care and hope that it goes well.
  • You’ll generally work in Eastern Standard Time, though you don’t have to live in this time zone.
  • We have a great mix of personal freedom and structure. Work from wherever you’d like, but come ready to take care of business.

Get Familiar With SUCCESS Agency

  • We are a Web Design and Inbound Marketing agency based in West Palm Beach, Florida. Our team includes those located in Florida, the Midwest, and International.

Note: while our team works remotely, the ideal candidate will be from the USA or Canada as the position requires excellent English written and verbal skills.

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  • Taylor Lane

    Hi, how does one apply to this position?



  • Simone M Pohl

    I would like to apply for this position as well and do see the submission to the right above. However, it is asking for a link to my resume. I am not sure what this means or where to link my resume for you to view. Please advise on how this works. Thank you

    • Keisha Valmé

      Upload your resume to Google Docs. Allow anyone with a link to see it. Post the link above.

  • JoAnn Graves Santiago

    How do you send a resume

    • alissa

      Google > How to create a resume link? Duh!

      • JoAnn Graves Santiago

        I didn’t ask how to Create a link. I asked how to apply for the job? There is no link on the mobile page.

        • alissa

          Honey! Are you slow? The instructions clearly ask you to provide your LinkedIn url and resume link. Now sip some tea and figure it out.

          • JoAnn Graves Santiago


          • Taryn Bailey

            ‘Wow, Alissa, you are a COMPLETE bitch, aren’t you?!…nothing missing on you. I guess just nicely directing JoAnn to where the resume link and LinkedIn instructions were got left out of the Be A Better Bitch book you memorized.

    • Keisha Valmé

      Hi JoAnne. Upload your resume to Google Docs. Allow anyone with a link to see it. Post the link above.