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We water our plants, run our dishwashers, and soap our dishes every single day, easily and simply with little more effort than simply twisting a knob. We are lucky. Everyday, women of the Sahel travel several miles to a water source and bring gallons of water back to their home to use. The heat in the Sahel is so overpowering that many women and girls have no energy for other tasks after collecting water for their families.

SUCCESS agency fell in love with Charity: Water several years ago. A need for clean water is something every human being can relate to. It is not a need that is only shared by few, we all share it. We all need water to survive.

That is why SUCCESS agency is committed to raising $15,000 for women of the Sahel.

Join us on our quest to bring healthy, drinkable, clean water to families all over the Sahel.

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